Cancer Man & Gemini Women

Cancer Man & Gemini Woman Match

Gemini woman is graceful, careful, good hostess, versatile and imaginative. Gemini is symbolized by twins. So you are both feminine and shy in a minute and aggressive and ruthless the very next minute. You are active, brainy, intelligent, and curious – a good reader therefore you have a lot of knowledge in your brain bank. You are blessed by a good memory too. You go for intelligence than anything else in a person. An overbearing partner does not attract you and you also don’t want to cling on to your man always. You like to maintain a space between relations. Too much of closeness or domineering attitude will make you feel suffocated.  Being feminine in quality you know how to seduce men and make use of your beauty weapons. Mercury is the planet which rules Gemini and its volatility makes you restless confused and unpredictable. Due to this, you don’t know what you want from your partner and that takes you in search of another partner. Sometimes it happens that you understand your partner after a break. Your restlessness will make you move forward. Being highly passionate you like to have fun in love. You are lively in spite of your complex nature. You know how to light up the surrounding. Romance attracts you more than physical pleasure. You like to express your feelings in different ways. You easily make friends and get along with anyone without any superficiality. That is why you are liked by all from peon to boss. Highly expressive power, intelligence and imagination makes you attracted to someone easily.

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When you both are together:
Cancer is watery and cardinal whereas Gemini is airy and dual. How a restless person can support you in the weak moments of life when you require emotional support. You have a moody nature thus you need someone who can support you and hold you when you want to succumb to your emotions. Sometimes the spontaneity of Gemini may irritate you. She is not stable and here you see the things getting adverse. It is possible that she may get attracted to other men easily and your possessive as well as emotional nature may get you hurt. Variety is her tonic and yours is stability. So nowhere you find your Gemini woman fit for you. You are shy but have values and emotions about your relationship whereas you find these qualities lacking in your partner. These things may withdraw you slowly and sometimes you may not even know the deep rooted cause of it. You just simply try to find the superficial qualities or faults of your partner, which you find unable to explain. However, the positive thing about this relationship is that you both are physically attractive and intimate to each other.  You both have two different topics to discuss but one thing is common and that is the rational approach to the subject. Both are deeply involved in the subject but you are more sensitive whereas your partner lacks this quality.
You are different but you both complement each other in many aspects. If you both discover how to complement each other without hurting the emotions then you can get along well with each other. Being the fourth sign of the natural zodiac – the Cancer man values relationships and the domestic warmth. Whereas your Gemini partner is outgoing and social. So you both work on the opposite directions which may lead to conflicts. However, the positive point between you is the physical attraction. Gemini woman may find excellent intimacy with you as you are deep rooted in emotions which she lacks. Her major focus is on techniques or intellect approach rather than emotions. There you both may fill the void of each other and create a platform for complementary qualities.

You have to learn to open up a bit and support her sociability. You should also understand that variety is the keynote of your Geminian partner. Whereas the Geminian woman is suggested to respect the emotions and feelings of her Cancerian Man. She is also advised to create adaptability for his moodiness. It will be a plus point if you understand his craving for stability and thus you will not feel bad for his possessiveness then. Remember the emotions are the feed for Cancerians so understand his emotions with your feelings and he will also support you more than ever.
Can work satisfactorily with a little adjustment!

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