Cancer Man & Capricorn Women

Cancer Man & Capricorn Woman Match
It is an earthy sign. Ruler of the sign- Saturn makes her mature in her disposition.  Materialistic, refined and elegant are the qualities you possess. You are misunderstood by your shyness. This makes your disposition uninviting to men. Your seriousness and ambitious attitude makes you difficult to understand the feelings and emotions of others sometimes. However, that does not make you selfish. You know how to control your desires so that you are able to lead your life in organized manner.  Self-made man – one, who climbs the ladder of success soon by himself, easily impresses you. Apart being from serious minded you are excellent to throw party and entertain your guest, as you are a good host also. You just flow with appreciation and flattery. Sweet words and flattery melts you down. Social life is much important to you. Dignity, self-respect, reputation and rank in society matters you most in the life – above anything in the world- even love. Love is not just a passing time for you. You take love and feelings seriously. When you love someone then it is from the depth of your heart even though you are shy or weak in exhibiting your love. Your love is so serious and deep-rooted that you embrace loneliness and depression when betrayed by your lover. Happiness in love is vital for you. You observe your man and even recognize his foot taps from the distance. Being high on discipline, you have a very practical, almost skillful, approach to love; but will been all-feminine once you have carefully decided to get into a relationship.


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When you both are together:

Cancer is watery and cardinal whereas Capricorn is earthy and cardinal. Both the signs are just opposite to each other in zodiac. This axis is known as the axis of partnership but it also holds the opposite qualities. Financial security is equally important for you both. However, Capricorn woman is more practical and is stronger than Cancer man. Thus sometimes you may find your Capricorn woman with lack of emotions. You may feel absence of pampering which you yearn for. According to her point of view you should pour your sensitivity and attention to work rather than in relationship. You may have to put some effort to highlight romance in your lives. Sometimes she may appear a bore to you when she is involved in her reading or any household chore and is ignoring your emotional needs. However, her devotion and faithful attitude of course will win over your heart and will make you feel contended.


Both signs are cardinal but Cancer is watery and Capricorn is earthy. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn and Cancer is governed by the Moon- an emotional sign. The Saturn is symbol of melancholy. This may make relationship a little bit weary. Her practical approach may sometimes make you thoughtful about her. However, whatever it may be – you both have something in common which will be unforgettable throughout. Her maturity and sobriety attracts you very much and your value for security and emotional touch soothes your Capricorn partner. Being just opposite to each other in zodiac – both signs can get along well if you both choose to fill the gap within each other with your positive qualities that complement the void. Like - Capricorn woman should learn to deal with your moodiness and should know that whatever you may say in your hyper mood, it is not meant to be taken seriously.

For cancer man is suggested to take her ambitions seriously. She is very practical and financial stability is a must for her. In fact you can say that she is more career-oriented than a domestic type.

You two can get along well with some adjustments!

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