Cancer Man & Aries Woman Match

If your partner is an Aries Woman:
You are intelligent, independent and energetic. You possess some attributes of men or you would be tomboyish in nature or appearance. An expert host and a good speaker – you feel satisfied as a career woman since you have a lot of energy and vigor and you balance both the areas efficiently. Your sense of appearance and taste are elegant and perfect. Only one thing is negative in you that is - a feeling of jealousy and competition not only in the matters of love but also in your social life. You are attracted by a strong, independent and confident man. Passionate and possessive men will suit you the best. Weak, sensitive and defenseless persons are not your choice. You are put off from them. You like a strong person who could tame your arrogance or who can boss over you.
When you both are together:
Cancer is watery and cardinal whereas Aries is also cardinal but fiery. Water and fiery both are opposite to each other. You will get impressed by her energy and passion in love but you will lack devotion. As you are much sensitive and an Arian woman is more physical than emotional. As you are strong and a man of substance, you would require a person who is emotionally deep and when you search this in Aries woman you may be disappointed. You have high imaginative mind and dreams and when not fulfilled you are going to get frustrated. Your frustration of mind can reach heights leading to conflicts and confrontation. Sometime it may also scare your highly energetic Aries woman and even yourself. Your frustration may lead you to break all the barriers. Then you require someone emotional and sympathetic to hold you tight and make you feel secure with her love and passion. Here the Aries woman may run off instead of providing this confirm to you. She likes to be on the move whereas you are comfortable at home. As she loves to roam around and when you ask her to be with you or when you seek complete attention then it is likely that she may find you too possessive. She may also feel her freedom getting restrained by you which may become a matter of conflict off and on. You both will be stubborn but on different matters. However, sometimes the differences in personalities may act as complementary side to each other. The extrovert nature of Aries can open up the feelings of Cancer man. Whereas emotional nature of Cancerian man makes his Aries woman sympathetic and understanding.

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Aries is a fiery sign where as Cancer is watery. That makes a lot of difference in the compatibility of two. Aries woman is energetic and Cancerian man is busy in his flow. Both are obstinate in different directions and no one likes to bend down. Ego confrontations are common in both. It is for sure that you both have to work a lot to have a smooth relationship. If you both respect each other’s personality and freedom you can make a better pair. Sometimes the differences between the two make the relationship much stronger only if you both work together on it.
Aries woman is suggested to listen to her Cancer man as he never rushes things and has a cautious approach. You need to focus on it thinking that this is going to benefit a lot. You need to understand his emotional needs. A little bit pampering and praise can make him feel high. Never shout on him. Keep your fiery nature under control and also your sudden impulses.
For Cancer man, it is suggested not to be much possessive of his Aries woman. Trust her and understand her’s there in her mind. A restraint on her freedom may wilt her inner personality. A bit of cooperation and boosting her extrovert nature will make her smile. Remember she is restless and energetic and it is necessary to have her release her fiery energy in some constructive manner.
Can get along well if you together work on it!

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