Aquarius Man & Taurus Woman Match

If your partner is a Taurus Woman:

Taurus is ruled by Venus. It is planet of love and beauty. So, a Taurus woman will be beautiful, attractive, soft and feminine. You have lot of patience but when provoked constantly or beyond limits and that will make you wild with rage. Then only God save the person. You are blessed with strong will power and stable in nature. Stability is good but when it comes to going out to have fun then this stability turns into laziness. A deep sleep after a hard work is necessary for you. Life without moral is nothing for you and being faithful to your partner also comes under this moral. You prefer to keep your matter to yourself only. Therefore you don’t like to interfere in others’ affairs yet you attract other people. You have a strong attraction towards males especially the ones who are taller than you, well groomed and off course those smelling good. You are slow and cautious in your approach- or you can say you wait till your man is unable to resist you and approach you himself. You are so slow in reacting to your partner’s proposal that sometimes he may feel doubtful about your reply. As you are stable in character, so you take long to select your partner and once you accept the proposal you will stick to it. You will shower the best of your qualities on your partner- from décor of house to fulfilling his sensual enjoyment- all will be superb! You will take care of him from tip to toe to drag his sensuality towards you. You make full use of your Venusians’ weapons to seduce your partner.
When you both are together:
Aquarius is airy fix and Taurus is earthy fix. Both are fix signs and share square aspect in the zodiac. The square is the aspect of challenges and disagreements.  However, she is attracted to his adventurous and social traits and he is attracted to her feminine qualities. Soon they both may feel some differences in basic nature in between. Taurus represents materialism and she is no far away from that. She believes in doing work and Aquarius is a big thinker, often dreams than to work. This attitude may irritate her. Taurus woman is stubborn and rigid in her ideas and philosophy of life. She will not change her perspective much whereas it is opposite with Aquarius.  He loves travel and adventure and finds it difficult to bring her out of the place - as she loves to procrastinate. She likes to see others being adventurous but she can not be a part if it. Taurus woman is serious in relationship and being a social sign Aquarius man keeps his eye on others too. He is a bit slow in romance and as the time flies his interest in sensuality also decreases.
Taurus will learn to welcome change when it is for the best, and Aquarius will learn about the warmth and beauty in the world.
In spite of all this, most astrologers say that this combination is terrific if these pitfalls can be worked upon. Taurus will find Aquarius’s inventiveness stimulating; Aquarius will find Taurus’ practicality comforting. Hence the two powerful personalities must learn to work together, instead of clashing together. This can happen if they each take on individual roles and then agree on these roles.
Both are fix signs but Aquarius is airy and Taurus is earthy. Being earthy she is practical and materialistic. She requires stability and security and these two things are important in her life. Whereas the Aquarius man is a thinker, reformer and social person. Both possess somewhat different personalities and have much to learn from each other. If they work in different directions, conflicts and differences will be difficult to bridge up. Any differences that he may have with Taurus partner should be discussed in friendly manner. Otherwise you will not find her in a mood to listen. In this relationship he can teach her some friendliness and flexibility whereas she can make him somewhat practical and value of materialistic things It is suggested for Taurus woman to be at her ease and avoid being aggressive. As long as they can manage to subdue their stubborn behavior and remain in favor of one another, this relationship has chances of succeeding.
Can get along well with some flexibility and patience.

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