Aquarius Man & Sagittarius Woman Match

If your partner is a Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius is a fiery sign. Independence, bold and expansion are your keywords. You love helping others. Travel is your passion and you love to make friends. You are energetic, ambitious, jovial, quick, clever, and explorative and open to new ideas. You have so much in your mind and you do not like the limit lines, as the ruler of your sign is Jupiter – the sign of expansion. You are open and straightforward and sometimes it may be felt as rudeness to others. For you love is an enjoyable game and you are in it till you find it interesting. You often mix up pleasure with love. You do not like the demanding partners as you want to enjoy your independence and of the partner. You are much quick in action so that if you find that you do not like your partner or you have just made a wrong decision then you will take no time to breakup - not even giving a chance to your partner to make up the things. For you it will be over and you will walk on to the future instantly. Past will be, then of not much concern for you. You like flowing with the life and time. On the other hand, if you want to remain in relation, you will add the existing problem as a humorous episode of your love life. You have a sacrificing nature but you love yourself more than you love others. Your intelligence and charms attract men soon but you are not a flirt type. Looks do not matter to you. It is the intelligence and honesty mixed with spirituality that touches the depth of your heart. You appreciate and respect the life as a gift and want to live it with zeal.

Love/Marriage compatibility report

Covers following aspect:

  • Basic number of point out of a total of 36.
  • Thinking compatibility.
  • Weather generated due to being together.
  • Growth in society due to marriage.
  • Sexual attraction & satisfaction.
  • Children.


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When you both are together:
Aquarius is airy fix and Sagittarius is fiery mute.  Air is well matched with fire and supports it. Both share friendly placement in the zodiac.  Both are freedom lovers and adventure loving personalities. Sagittarius woman is strong and confident. She loves to be with Aquarius man as he requires the support of his partner and she feels that she is an important part of his life. He provides all the necessary space she needs. Travel is one of the common interests which they both share. Both are social and love to visit friends often. Aquarius is mentally active and it is the reason that he is weak in expressing his love with passion or physically. This may make her think that he is a bit cold or uninterested. But as the time passes, she may find a person with passion a bearing lot of love for her. The problem may arise in keeping the routine work. He is little lazy and she gets bored of mundane activities soon. But she may demand more attention and he is somewhat shy or slow in expressing his love physically. However, you both will take out some time together discussing exciting ideas of life and surroundings at tea table. You both will enjoy making the day special for each other. 
Aquarius is airy fix and Sagittarius is fiery mute. A friendly match when together can turn into a perfect couple. Both share friendly axis to each other. A little bit of effort from both the sides will make this relationship strong and more harmonious. Aquarian man is suggested to express his love by actions so that the flow of energy of love should not slow down. And the Sagittarius woman is suggested to maintain some routine life to make the living place more welcome and a comfortable surrounding for her partner.  He gets stimulated with comfortable surroundings. A good discussion will open up his heart and mind. He will become good friend before he expresses his passion.  She should also remember to be strongly loyal to him. He is the one who will never accept his woman looking for someone other than him. He is not possessive but is also not so much liberal. Aquarius man is suggested to feed and support the Sagittarius partner with his logic and intelligence particularly in her career. Take out some time and go out often to remove the monotony of life. You both are certainly meant for each other and some adjustments will make this relationship more beautiful than ever.
A good match - must go for it!



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