Aquarius Man & Leo Woman Match

If your partner is a Leo Woman:

Leo is a fiery and an authoritative sign. Honest, independent, passionate are the key words for lioness. It is easy to recognize a Leo woman in a crowd. Crowd! No – you will never become a part of the crowd. In fact, you will be there in a corner- away from other people. A lioness hates crowd. After all she is a royal one and does not like to be a part of ordinary people or crowd or a queue. So there you are, with the most expensive tastes and royal gait. You are attractive and have a number of male friends than female ones but you will not let them get much close to you. You will never compromise with your dignity and pride. You are smart to handle them. A person stronger than your social image or having name with any honor will really impress you. Praises, admiration with affection puts your tender passion on. Then you will attend your partner as a king. When you love someone you love him wholeheartedly. You have a full reservoir of romance and you expect the same from your partner. You love to be with a partner who has a dominant, royal and powerful image in the public, but behind the veil you will love to dominate him. You play to win. It hurts you when you know that your opposition has cheated you. It is hard for you to believe on this fact. That is why you don’t want to run in the rat race. Especially, if you fear to lose the game. If you find contesting yourself with others to win someone special’s heart, you feel it is better to drop it. Let others compete- I am not the one to be in the queue. A little suggestion for you is to not flow with the flattery, instead have an open mind for creative criticism.
When you both are together:
Aquarius is airy fix and Leo is also fix but fiery. Both share opposite position in the natural zodiac. Ruler of Aquarius is Saturn whereas Sun is the ruler of Leo both are natural enemies too. Aquarius is socially active and humanitarian whereas Leo woman goes for showing off and impressing others with her regal lifestyle. He simply doesn’t like this. He lives simple but in comfortable surrounding. There are many occasions when both of them fight over their opinions. Fix sign is significant of stubbornness and neither of them will like to lose their point. She is materialistically conscious and finds her partner careless about this.

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She may call him unrealistic. Leo woman is happy when surrounded by people and she steals the limelight whereas Aquarian man is just indifferent to her and his aloofness may become a challenge to her. His cool behavior may sometimes be felt as a false mask. She expects him to be generous to her more than he is with others. Both are just opposite in temperaments. Her fiery nature makes her show off when she does not feel good. She seeks more attention at that time. There Aquarius man is cool in disposition. He will never shout or seek attention. He will prefer to be alone rather than release his frustration on others.  However, if the differences become bigger and he may not accept the regal style and richness of his partner where he finds pride getting low then quarrels are observed quite often.  Lack of physical chemistry and respect of Leo woman toward her partner adds fuel to the fire.
Both are fix signs; Aquarius is airy whereas Leo is fiery. Both just lie opposite to each other in the zodiac and possess opposite traits as well. If these qualities work to complement each other then both can make the relationship work. Aquarius man can prove to be a good support to Leo in all walks of life especially the spiritual ones. Both are socially active. Leo woman should not compete to steal the limelight as this may create competition between you two. She is also suggested to avoid criticizing her partner after the social get together. Her simple words of praise and appreciation make him elated. Aquarian man is suggested to be a better support to his partner and become lively to meet her energy level. She loves praises and your appreciation will certainly bring a big smile on her face.  The best thing for keeping this relationship alive is to communicate with each other; otherwise misunderstanding may crop up making the gap wider.  The differences can be removed by insight and appreciating each others’ qualities.
Can get along well with some adjustments!

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