2017 Wealth & Status Combination by Pt. Punarvasu

What is 2017 Wealth & Status Combination Reading?

In the year 2017, the planetary movements are going to bring about a lot of changes in lives. Vedic Astrology is well capable of forecasting the wealth accumulation - potential of an individual with the help of key planets changing their positions forming different combinations or the grouping of planets (also called yogas) which may either activate wealth creation or pose obstacles in finances. These trends are captured in form of a 2017 Wealth & Status Combination Reading.

Why 2017 is important for your wealth & status power?

2017 is going to be an interesting year from the point of view of celestial changes taking place. More so, because Jupiter - the planet of growth, expansion and prosperity would change sign and moves into Libra from Virgo in September 2017. This would be the time when one is likely see the effects of Jupiter transit on to his or her wealth & status. Rahu would also move into the sign of Cancer which is considered its sign of exaltation, increasing the capability of Rahu, the dragon's head to do good. The Jupiter transit results need to be seen along with Saturn, which would have also shifted into Sagittarius by then in 2017. This is likely to usher in material success, rewarding careers and financial stability.

How you will gain from 2017 Wealth & Status Combination Reading?

2017 Wealth & Status Combination Report prepared by Pt. Punarvasu will include the transit effects of Jupiter, Saturn & planetary combinations for monetary gains in 2017. You will get a month-on-month account of how your finances will move in 2017. This report will outline the good periods & not so good periods or the period of caution (if applicable) for you. So that you remain planned & ready to augment your wealth & status in 2017. There would be impacts of the planets studied to understand the patterns of investment, speculations and in which all areas, they are most suitable to the native.

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