2016 Career Horoscope by Pt. Punarvasu

New Year is like a bright sunny day that shows up after the night of darkness. It signifies a new hope and renewed energy with which we must strive to achieve our goals. And when the star-power is behind us in this new beginning, the probability of success in career goes up manifold. It is thus very important for us to understand how the stars support us in the career pursuit for the year 2016. 2016 Career Horoscope aims to study your birth chart with special emphasis on the transit of key planets to predict how fortune will favor you this year and how much success you will see in your career growth in the New Year.

How is 2016 significant for your Career Progression?

Generally, the movements of planets bring about lots of changes in life on earth. With the New Year, a series of movements of planets takes place and that’s when you can expect changed pattern in key aspects of life. For Career, the transit of Jupiter holds special significance. This year, Jupiter - the planet of expansion & growth which is positioned in Leo will move into the next sign of Virgo in mid 2016, the time that will mark significant changes in your Career. Jupiter will be in sextile to Saturn in Virgo and this will have a major bearing on career growth. Mars will retrograde staring 18th April 2016 and will conjunct with Saturn in Scorpio, further bringing changed patterns in your life. Such a slew of planet movements are likely to make 2016 truly an interesting year in terms of your Career Progress.

What you can expect from your 2016 Career Horoscope?

  • An overview of 2016 for your career, profession & business.
  • Month-on-month analysis of your career & business in 2016.
  • Monthly interpretations & predictions for your Career Progression in 2016.
  • Effect of 10th House on Job & business
  • Effect of transit of Jupiter,Saturn,Mars and other planets in 2016 on your work life & career.
  • Effect of Planetary Combinations on your Career & Business Aspects.

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