2016 Horoscope Consultation with Astrologer/ Psychic by Pt. Punarvasu

Year 2016 is in its closest part. The natural anxiety and curiosity regarding the future and issues like Marriage & Love, Career & Money, Health or financial are making rounds in our conscious minds. Talking and learning one to one from a learned Astrologer or Psychic has no alternate to suffice our need to understand and plan our future. Hence, Indastro.com has opened a special line - live telephonic conversation with an expert panel of Vedic Astrologers.

It is in our best of the interest that we plan ahead of our time and reap best out of the specific opportune timings and enhance our luck to start off a new project or infuse a fresh bid in an existing one, be it a business, profession or personal life. Vedic astrology is a known and endorsed powerful tool to learn the best and auspicious timings to step ahead or make a new positive beginning. The way that assures success.

There could not be any better way than speaking directly with the Vedic Astrologer to subside the negative energies and attract only prosperity in the year 2016.

Indastro.com has a set of very experienced Vedic Astrologers, who have been working under the espionage of Pt. Punarvasu himself. With their vast experience in understanding the human problems and answering your queries and even suggesting solutions & remedies wherever required, this service can be very handy & equivalent to a personal one-on-one consultation with an Astrologer. What more, when the quality, expertise and experience will be of the highest level. You can simply click on the button below and book your session with the Astrologer.


  • 25 Minute Consultation - USD 50 / Rs.2500
  • 45 Minute Consultation - USD 74 / Rs.3700
  • 60 Minute Consultation - USD 99 / Rs.4950

Pundit Punarvasu has been practicing Vedic Astrology consultation via the online medium of www.indastro.com since the year 2001. Having served over 2 million users and generated over 3 million reports and readings, the biggest plus point has been the usage of Vedic Principles to foretell the future in a true and honest manner. All reports are customized & are hand - made. They are not computer generated as is the case with most others. Pundit Punarvasu is known for the precise, accurate & reliable Astrology Predictions & Remedies.


  • A precise prediction of your future
  • Contains 10+ pages on specific aspects of your life
  • Offers most accurate & reliable insights
  • Covers suggestions to better your life


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