Annual Birthday Horoscope (Varshphal)

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Your astrological profile & Birth chart

  • Name: Dipesh
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 25 July 1990
  • Time of Birth: 06 Hrs.-25 Min.
  • Place of Birth: India, New Delhi, Lajpat Nagar
  • Moon sign: Pisces
  • Vedic Sun Sign: Leo
  • Western Sun sign: Leo
  • Nakshatra (Constellation): P.Bhadrapada
  • Lagna (Ascendant): Cancer


Broadly how this report has been prepared?

A birthday reading encapsulates all the events and changes you would encounter in a year that is unique in your Birth Dates. It was an ancient Indian ritual to prepare a reading for the date when Sun return to the exact degree of your birthday and that is why this is called a Solar Return Chart also. Our team uses the principle of “Varhphal” to calculate the houses that would determine your destiny this year (Muntha) as well as identify the planet and area of life that would be activate this year call Pivot. Our endeavor is to give a 360-degree View how your Year would be during your Upcoming Birth Year.


Broad Mapping of Your Birthday Year:

As follows:

Vimshottri Dasa

You will be under the influence of Mercury main and Sub-Period Sun during your upcoming birthday.


Major Transit of Planets

Transit of Jupiter will be in the eleventh house of gain in 2024-25.

Jupiter transit is ready to give positive results in terms of family, friends and saving for the coming 1 year in your horoscope.

Saturn will have a strong influence on your friend circle and regular sources of income with its transit in your 8th house of horoscope between 2024-25.

Transit of Rahu and Ketu will transit in the 9th and 3rd house and ignorance on diet, unplanned expenses will cause stress in between 2024-25.

Mars debilitation will cause sudden health issues or some unplanned expenses on vehicle, renovation at home between October 2024- February 2025.

Mercury will retrograde in the following can cause miscommunication and hurdles between 5th August to 29th August 2024 and 26th November to 16th December 2024.

Venus’s combustion period will cause challenges in professional relationships between 25th April to 29th June 2024.


Whether any Specific influences of Saturn

The Transit of Saturn is in 8th from Ascendant and in 12th from your Moon Sign.

It will help you to work on your financial plan, but demands attention in terms of emotional health and diet which can cause some hurdles due to overthinking and anxiety.

From 2025, you will get major improvements in your career and wealth status with some better opportunities as from that point, your one productive period will begin.

The Transit of Saturn is in 8th from Ascendant and in 12th from your Moon Sign.

It will help you to work on your financial plan but demands attention in terms of emotional health and diet which can cause some hurdles due to overthinking and anxiety.

From 2025, you will get major improvements in your career and wealth status with better opportunities as from that point, your one productive period will begin.

You are in Sade Sati period as this will cause some delays and slow progress on the professional front and cause health issues due to ignorance in diet.


Unique Events for this Year

Muntha is not a planet, but is as important as the other nine planets in the horoscope.

Analysis of Muntha determines the various situations and effects of other signs and planets on the life of the native. Muntha is a mathematical calculation which gives us the accurate prediction about various events in a year.

Muntha is placed in the 5th house in Scorpio.

This cannot be considered to be a favourable position as this year will give you some mix results like ups and downs especially till the end of 2024, you will have some disappointments and a delay in your every department of life like personal life, health, career status and wealth status also as remedies will be helpful to decrease the bad effects of your malefic planets this year.

This year, especially in between first half 2025, you will have a delay to get positive results in your professional and wealth status. There is possibility that you may receive accidental injury as take care especially while driving.

Don’t lend money to anyone and don’t indulge in any high investment activity in next years.

Only you can invest your savings in property or land or real estate field.


Period of influences for the 9 Planets:

  • Mercury: 18 June 2024 to 30th June 2024
  • Ketu: 30th June to 22 July 2024
  • Venus: 22 July to 20 September 2024
  • Sun: 20 September 2024 to 09 October 2024
  • Moon: 09 October to 08th November 2024
  • Mars: 08th November 2024 to 29 November 2024
  • Rahu: 29 November 2024 to 23 January 2025
  • Jupiter: 23 January 2025 to 13 March 2025
  • Saturn: 14 March 2025 to 10th May 2025
  • Mercury: 10th May 2025 to 18th June 2025

Pivot of the Year:

Unique Events Maker Saham


Punya/Fortune Saham: It will activate between 22 July to 20 Sep 2024 and will help you to get support from luck.

Mitra/Friend Saham: It will activate between 22 July to 20 Sep 2024 - atime frame when you will be able to make new friends and have the support from friends.

Karya Siddhi/Success Saham: It will activate between 23 January 2025 to 13 March 2025 - a time frame when you will be forced to come out of your comfort zone but that effort and approach will give expected growth and success.

Labha Saham (Financial Gains): It will activate between the months of July, September and November 2024 - a time frame when you will find the expected growth and release of funds that you were expecting.

Roga Saham (Health): It will activate between 07th September to 25 September 2024 – a time frame when you will face health issues.


Impact on key areas of life


The career side does not look very bright.

You need to exercise full care and caution and not become overzealous.

Do not make the mistake of resigning under any circumstances. Your time period is not good and if you resign you will not get another job.

Whatever be the provocation on the job front handle it with patience and by keeping a low profile.

This is a bright period for professional prospects, and you will be generally successful in 2025.

Superiors will be of great help; ambitions will be achieved, and you will be successful in your field of expertise.

Your reputation and honour will improve.

You will embark on a successful scheme.


Love/Marriage Relationship:

You will have success in gaining good relationships and you may also get recognition for merit/ talent.

You will form a cordial relationship and have fruitful discussions with dignitaries and learned persons.

You will make a lot of progress in good relationship and will even be receiving honours and fame.



The year does not promise much in finance.

On the career side the cash flow may be reduced due to transfer or some other happening.

The expenditure side may increase due to medical expenditure. You will be more careful and alert about saving.

Social expenses would be more in 2025.

Savings and investments would get much better now.

Income will increase in general.

You could expect new sources of income to be created.


Family and Child

You may have many outings and pleasure trips this time. Falling into new affairs is not ruled out.

Your relationship would grow warmer and would fructify better this time.

Your interest in dharma would greatly help to enhance the relationship.

Good communication would be required in between both of you.

If you are still together the status will remain highly volatile.

You should not use harsh language with spouse.

You can maintain your relation by mutual understanding.



In this year, your health will be under pressure, and you are likely to fall sick.

You will remain tense during the year, incur losses, face obstacles.

This year, your focus should be only on health and nothing else.

If you are not covered by your employer for health insurance, and it is better to take it on your own.

Avoid any coldness creeping in the relationship- this would help you to avoid in 2025.

Avoid any differences cropping up due to overwork.

Inclination towards philosophy will give satisfaction and gladness in your life.

There could be separations from loved ones due to work.

Take special care of your spouse’s health.


Suggested Remedy for more success and happiness

  • Give food to cows (spinach or vegetables), differently abled and underprivileged on every Thursday, Poornima (Full Moon) and Amavasya (New Moon) regularly from your own income.
  • Spread some mixture of rice grains with pearl millet grains two or three spoons and arrange water every day for birds regularly.
  • Do anyone remedy, but if you will do both remedies, then it will be more effective for your professional and wealth betterment in near future.
  • Stay in a north or east facing house or flat.
  • These remedies will give you improvements and prosperity even in your moderate period because these remedies will decrease the bad effects of your malefic planets.
  • Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” every day, as frequently as possible, the more the better.
  • Even silent chanting will work too.
  • This remedy will neutralize the adverse effects of both natural and also functional malefic planets.


Our best wishes for a wonderful future


VARSHPHAL - Your Birthday Horoscope

Your birthday is a very significant annual event when the Sun returns to the same point, exact to the degrees and minutes, exactly where it was at the time of your birth. Birthdays are the right time to make new resolutions and goals; and to help you plan the year. more

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