Understanding Venus Transit effects:
Venus, the planet of desires, luxuries and all things that money can buy is changing its energy pattern thanks to its transit in the sign of Pisces from 27th January. Venus is the strongest in Pisces, since Pisces is the sign of exaltation for Venus.

This is an atypically long transit of Venus lasting for 124 days, when Venus transits for about 30 days at best in a sign. Last time Venus was in such a long transit in Pisces, it had resulted in much churning in love life, marriage and finances - both on macro & individual level.

The retrograding Venus gets closest to earth on 25th March, and turns more powerful but behaves somewhat unusually causing energy & desires to peak in the relationship & personal matters sector, giving green signal to some impossible relationships now, as it plays awry.

What to expect now:
Benefic Venus is aspected by Jupiter and would be conjoint Mars for a full month, strengthening the effects & powers of Venus - the desires, strong will & creativity to move ahead. Creative sparks and imagination would flow leading to some action in the work place. A new job or a transfer and an additional source of income seem like a possibility now. Love & sexual attractions would peak in the sensitive sign of Pisces.
During such an unusually long transit of Venus in 1937, world had cheered the Coronation of George IV and Queen Elizabeth; then again in 2009, Iceland saw the rise of a woman prime minister in Johanna Siguroardottir.  In between, Venus would moves back from 4th March 4th till 15th April giving results much unusual . 

Venus Report:
This is a rather unusual & tricky transit of Venus and understanding the timing, trends and cautions would be helpful. We will be planning an advisory report on Venus. It will cover the results of Venus transit taking into account the aspect of Jupiter along with the current dasa in your birth chart. Since this celestial event can bring about major effects on your love life as well as finances, this report will help you map out the favorable and unfavorable phases during this transit and remain unscathed in a tricky & charged up planetary transit phase.

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