Understanding Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse is an astronomical & astrological phenomenon that takes place as Sun is shadowed by Moon when it comes in between Sun and Earth, blocking Sun off earth either partially or fully. This occurs on a Full Moon day when Sun and Moon are conjunct as seen from earth. For 2018, the first Solar Eclipse occurs on 15th February. In Vedic Astrology, Rahu, the dragon’s head is known to cause Solar Eclipse, when it devours Sun temporarily as per the mythological references found in Vedas. Astrologically, Rahu is a sensitive point on the moon’s path that intersects with Sun’s ecliptic, as Moon transits from Southern Hemisphere to Northern Hemisphere. In the month of February, New Moon occurs between 1:55 PM till 5:47 PM IST in the sign of Aquarius, when both Sun and Moon are in the constellation of Dhanishta ruled by the planet Mars.  

Countries where Solar Eclipse is visible
This is a partial Solar Eclipse as the center of the moon’s Shadow misses the earth. The countries where the Solar Eclipse will be seen include South America - Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, parts of Brazil and Antarctica region.

Effects of Solar Eclipse
The solar eclipse takes place in Dhanishta nakshatra in close proximity to Venus, Mercury & Ketu. This makes it a very interesting 5 Planet combination of Sun, Moon, Ketu, Venus & Mercury aspecting Rahu in Ashlesha in the sign of Cancer. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter also cast their aspect on Moon from Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra respectively. Those with significant planetary placements in Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo and even in Ascendant, Moon and Sun in their horoscope will strongly feel the effects of this solar eclipse.    

You can understand an eclipse as an inwardly transformative experience. For sure, an eclipse is the time we experience some sudden changes. But what changes mostly is our thinking pattern & how we perceive the world around us. Though at a marco level, a Solar eclipse is seen as a negative occurrence but on an individual level, a Solar eclipse generally does you good. Sun is your ‘atman’ - the soul. It signifies your focus, your goals, ambitions and your extrovert side to the world. The Solar eclipse brings about the changes which are more external, wherein you feel the need to reroute yourselves to get to the goals, as you spot the hurdles on the way. That is why the changes are positive developments.  For instance you may be pushed forward into a situation that demands you to work harder on a different plan but ultimately it gets you to the destination. It pushes you, makes you demand more from your ownself, while much changes in the situation around you. It tests your mettle in tough situation and seeks you to come up to the challenges.

There are many references of Eclipses in the Indian mythological Epics. In Mahabhatra, Krishna had calculated a solar eclipse to benefit Arjuna to grant him victory in the great war of Kurukshetra against Kauravas. Solar eclipse should be seen as a period of sudden, rapidly changes and internal growth with which you can make much headway in both - your work area and personal life.

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