3 Eclipses of 2020 & 4 Planet Clustering

3 Eclipses of 2020 & 4 Planet Clustering

Your horoscope will undergo the effects of build up of 2 Lunar Eclipses, a Solar Eclipse and a 4 planet combination in quick succession within a month's time from 6 June to 5 July. This is a rare astrological occurrence of 3 rapid eclipses and a planetary combination and indicates a turn around point.

What happens during an eclipse?

The rapid 3 eclipses in your horoscope indicate a reset button to your life. As during the next 4 to 6 months what changes mostly is your thinking pattern & how you perceive the world around you. Though at a macro level, it may cause much upheaval but for an individual, the eclipse generally does good. Sun is the ‘atman’ - the Soul. It signifies your focus, goals, ambitions and your extrovert side to the world. The Solar eclipse brings about the changes which are more external, when you feel the need to reroute yourself to find your goals, as you spot the hurdles on the way. That is why, the changes are the positive developments. An eclipse is an inwardly transformative experience in true sense. 

There are many references of eclipses in the Indian mythology. In Mahabhatra, Krishna had calculated a solar eclipse to benefit Arjuna & to grant him victory in the great war of Mahabharta. An eclipse should be seen as a period of sudden, rapid changes and internal growth with which you can make much headway in both - your work area and personal life.

Effect of 3 eclipses: The 3 eclipses along with the 4 planet combination - Sun, Rahu, Moon and Mercury creates a temporary axis of influence in your chart that would create changes to be felt over the next 6 months to an year. These changes would come about in your thinking, relationship ability, health as well as material pursuits such as work & finances. Depending upon the area of horoscope affected, you would either get a period of sluggishness & challenges or a quick burst of progress & upward movement due to suppression of hurdles, challenges and negativity that you are currently facing in your life.

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What will 3 Eclipses & 4 Planet Reading deliver:

A very specific and insightful reading can be requested. Such high energy build ups in the horoscope bring sudden & unimaginable opportunities and gains along with the need for some restraint & caution. The results would last for a few months along with the 3 eclipses which have a bearing on your life for much longer and can be understood by this Reading.

3 Eclipses + 4 Planet Reading

Results of 3 Eclipses within 30 days & 4 Planets combination in your horoscope.
Will this be the turn around point?

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