Saturn Karma

Saturn has started moving direct in Sagittarius in your chart. The retrogression - the apparent backward motion of Saturn that had begun in April 2019 has been completed and from 18th September 2019, Saturn is progressing in the sign of Sagittarius in your horoscope. You may like to recall the time during the first quarter of 2019 when Saturn was moving direct in your horoscope. The opportunities and areas of work as well as personal matters which were getting near fruition then would have been stalled as Saturn started retrograding in Summer of 2019.

What happens as Saturn moves direct in your horoscope:
Now as Saturn has started moving direct in your horoscope, it indicates the revival of the opportunities as well as growth possibilities that had been held so far from you. This is more so as Saturn while moving direct would get away from Ketu, the dragon's tail and would soon be joined by Jupiter in Sagittarius. This unshackling effect should be felt by you as Ketu's influence on Saturn goes down and Jupiter makes the entry into Sagittarius casting its effect on Saturn before Saturn moves out to Capricorn in early 2020.   

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The Benefits of Saturn Karma Reading
  • The Saturn Karma reading would cover results of Saturn transit till the end 2020 period.
  • It will guide you on the approach to get Saturn to work in your favor. Saturn is a karmic pattern that starts working in your favour with Vedic suggestions and changes in your attitude and approach.
  • It will cover the effects of Saturn after it is unshackled from the retrogression till it gets back into retrogression in 2020 & the move of Saturn into Capricorn.
  • This report will also talk about how you should use this phase to your advantage & make progress in your career & personal life.
  • Further some suggestions & remedies would also be included in this report.
  • You may ask ONE specific query too.

Saturn Karma Reading

Saturn transit results

Saturn Karma Reading + Dates

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