Saturn Career & Finance Reading

Saturn Career & Finance Reading

Astrological Significance of a Retrograding Saturn:
Retrograding Saturn is a powerful phenomenon. The planet exhibits more power trends than when it is moving direct. A planet is said to retrograde when it appears to move in the reverse direction. Of all the 9 planets, Saturn is the slowest planet and takes the longest time of 2&1/2 years to transit over one sign. During this time, it retrogrades for nearly 5 months in a year. And this year, Saturn is retrograding in Sagittarius from 30th April for a period of 142 days.

What to expect now?
Retrogressing Saturn is very strong in creating life changing events. The period from 30th April would see some very significant changes in your professional life, income source, sub conscious, finances, family matters depending upon which house this transit occurs in your birth chart.

This definitely should be the time to review the progress, carry out a reality check and a self assessment. Anything new like the new projects, shift of residence, major investments & any risk concerning new projects should be avoided after May 2019 till Saturn remains in the retrograde state. The retrograding Saturn warrants you to revisit your strategy, rather than rushing into the execution side of it. That should ideally wait till the retrogression period lasts. Sticking to your original line of thoughts should be the best way forward in this period. Saturn turns direct on September 18 and makes an exit from Sagittarius in early 2020. You would need a guidance on what to expect over the next 2 years including the effect of retrogression and how to handle the changes that would come around you over the next 2 years.

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Why you would need Saturn Career & Finance Reading?
This report for a friendly Saturn will earmark the progress in career and monetary gains while for an unfriendly Saturn, will issue life guidance solutions. Saturn retrogression is very receptive to Vedic Astrological Remedies and there are some wonderful life guidance solutions, the Vedic remedies or prayers that help us handle the challenges & turn them around to our advantage.

The upcoming period would give many clues towards your future. Decisions on some crucial new events which unfold would need to be taken during this period. You will find that life over the coming 2 years could turn very impulsive & push you to take decisions

Saturn Career & Finance reading

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