Journey of Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is having a rather interesting journey in Sagittarius. All of last year, it kept going back & forth between between Scorpio & Sagittarius. This was a strange event as Saturn remained in a fallen state for a few months in Scorpio. It finally came back to Sagittarius in October' 17. where it will continue to transit till early 2020. But this is not the last of the strange events that we will face the music of!

Saturn is soon going to be joined by Mars, the aggressive planet that meets Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a structured fire sign & Saturn's placement in Sagittarius & its likely meeting with Mars will bring back the memories of events of their last meeting - when Mars & Saturn were conjunct in 2016 in Scorpio. So you can expect some out-of-turn & unimaginable events yet again in your life. As the two energies kick off the events in life in full swing, you must gear up to meet the unexpected.

What to expect now?

As such the vastly different energies of Saturn & Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter will take us to the extremes of push & pulls, expansions and contractions. Jupiter represents growth and rise while Saturn tends to bring us on the other side of reality, foreground and conservative side. This saturnine cycle gets a break as a vastly different stream of energy in form of Mars joins it in Sagittarius. This will add a new dimension to the extremities. But the same stream of energies when channelized well could give us a special window of opportunities for success & new gains.   

Benefits of Saturn Transit Reading

If you are well prepared to act during the lucky breaks you are provided by the moving planets,you could reach your goals when you least expect it. The Saturn Transit reading is structured to bring to you the elements of surprises ahead of time and keep you prepared and ready for the changes in life. The key opportunities as well as challenges will be looked into and remedial tips will be provided, if required. Your request for this report should help you understand your destiny & game plan for the next 2 years factoring in Saturn results in Sagittarius. You could request for Detailed Composite Saturn Transit reading for periods and windows of opportunities to be used to get that extra push in career and personal life.

Saturn Transit Report

Saturn Transit Report

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Detailed Composite Saturn Transit Report

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