Saturn-Ketu in Sagittarius

Saturn-Ketu in Sagittarius

Benefits of Sensitive Saturn Transit Reading

Saturn has started transiting the constellation of Poorva Ashada in Sagittarius, fully potent to give its results of Sagittarius transit now. If you have been working hard and using correct means to progress life, Saturn in Sagittarius will reward you. There is a slight twist here though. Ketu, the dragon's head has moved back into Sagittarius in March 2019 to influence the potent Saturn with its confusing & clashing energy. It will keep the company of Saturn for over ten months till Saturn moves out to Capricorn in 2020. During this journey, this Saturn-Ketu duo will face the challenge of Mars & Rahu opposition in the summer of 2019.

Saturn, the planet of karma, duty & responsibility feels heavily baffled by Ketu that creates stress points & fresh alarms in the areas it affects. Though tempted to get out of the situations, you should keep a calm & collected mind as any miscalculation or decision under the Saturn-Ketu conjunction effect could set you back on the areas of life which is being affected. 

This sensitive Saturn in company of Ketu and aspected by Rahu & Mars would send out confusing & pressing signals making you re think & re calibrate your life, which is where the Sensitive Saturn transit reading  would help you understand the effects & guidance to stay unharmed.

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Your Reading would contain:

  • Results of transit of Saturn in Sagittarius
  • Effects of Saturn & Ketu conjunction on the areas of life affected
  • Suggestions to decrease hurdles & setbacks and increased growth/gains/happiness
  • Remedies if required

Sensitive Saturn transit reading

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Saturn transit results with dates

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