Why retrograding Saturn is an important phenomenon?
Retrogression in Astronomy and Astrology means the reverse movement of planet in its orbit. With respect to our position on earth, the planet in retrogression appears to move back than move forward.

Saturn retrogrades for 5 months out of a total of 12 months, the maximum for any planet. It had entered Sagittarius on 26th January 2017. It will start retrogression in Sagittarius on 6th April. But its not a routine retrogression journey of Saturn. This is easy to understand - first it continues to move back in Sagittarius and then it slips back in its last held zodiac - the mystery sign of Scorpio on the 20th June. It is this part that makes this journey of the Karmic planet vastly different till now. The houses (there are 12 houses in a chart) where this queer phenomenon of Saturn’s back movement first in Sagittarius and then its roll back into Scorpio occurs is bound to produce a series of changes in your life. This pretty much would sum up the key events taking place in your horoscope for this year.

What to expect now:
Saturn is Karma & destiny planet. It rewards us for hard work and sincerity. It reprimands us when we take easy short routes to serve our purpose. When it retrogrades, it turns more powerful, as it offers us this time to clear our Karmic debts - either by making us work hard in a disciplined fashion or by punishing us for our wrong actions. All this comes to us in form of unexpected turn of events in career, profession, health and love life. Needless to say that this position of Saturn would hold learning, mystery, challenges and opportunities for you. Making key decisions should be hung up till some time as Saturn would like you to utilize this time to review the present and plan for the future. Saturn being a guide to destiny, it will offer you many cues to point towards your future.  Any decision you take now will have a bearing on the rest of your life and will have the potential to change the course of your life. Be it in professional, personal life or matters related to health. One thing is quite certain that Saturn is a very powerful planet especially when it is retrograding and can create life altering events.

What to expect from your Saturn Journey reading?
This reading will help you with right steps and make you avoid the classic pitfalls. Saturn could bestow you with abundance and also grant you the relationships which will be long lasting. And the severe effects can just be the opposite. The good thing is that Saturn responds very well to the Vedic Remedies and any hardships brought about by the retrograde Saturn can be minimized and in cases the negatives can be turned into the positives too.

Saturn Journey reading will detail on how to handle the changes that would come around you; the positive effects for those with friendly Saturn and will give out the life guidance solutions for the unfriendly Saturn results. You could also ask for the part with specific dates.

Get this report in time to be ready for the changes you are going to observe in your life now.

Saturn Journey Report

Saturn Journey Report

Saturn Journey Report with lucky dates

Saturn Journey Report with lucky dates

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