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It is maintained that when a planet is placed in 1,4,7,10, 5 or 9th house in a horoscope, it becomes capable of giving much stronger results. Of these, some houses are much stronger than the others. For instance among the angular houses, 10th house is the strongest. It signifies the purpose or the intent for which we are here in this life. It is the house of career, profession - our karma in this lifetime. Mars as a planet, if located in 10th house is of particular significance since Mars gets directional strength in the 10th house. 

Strength of your horoscope
It is said that if you have Jupiter, Mars or Sun in your 10th house you are truly blessed with a very strong horoscope. What does it mean? The 10th house governs career, social status and your life path. Mars in this area of your horoscope acquires special strength to do you good. You get a strong confident persona due to Mars in tenth house. An exceptional enterprise, energy, will and courage drives you to take action and accomplish your goals. This sets you apart from others. You have a passion to succeed. This is the reason that you are likely to be an achiever and a go-getter. The people with 10th house Mars have gone down in the history for building enterprises with their hard work, energy levels & sheer passion for their field. One could even be seen fighting for the rights of others just like a true Martian Hero, if Mars is located in 10th house.  
Similarly, if one is blessed with Jupiter in the 10th house, being popular comes naturally to them. That’s because their happy-go-lucky attitude is unlikely to go unnoticed. Such people are able to attract luck in the most mundane situations and find opportunities which others tend to overlook. They are blessed with a magnetic personality and command a certain level of fame and honor with people around you. You should be able to lead & conduct business successfully and with all just methods.

Likewise Venus in the 2nd house of a horoscope is the significator of an attractive persona and success in almost all spheres of life.

Planet DNA Reading

If you are blessed with key planets in the power pockets of your horoscope, the Planet DNA reading will analyze the results & process that energizes the planet in your horoscope. It will cover your special traits that need to be honed and polished to help you realize your true potential. The report will list out the timing of events and periods of effectiveness of the planet in that house over the next 2,5,10, 15 & 20 years.


Amazing analysis. 100% true. Millions of thanks. Really indebted . Regards Mrinal Krant
- Mrinal Krant
Amazing!!! Certain hidden tendencies known to me are revealed in the prediction,it made me believe in vedic astrology.
- Preeti Lodha
A very precise reading, extremely convincing
- Shailendra Vyas
Everything told here about me are damn true. If there will more details exactly about my career, will be thankful.
- sumana chandra
Thank you for the report Indastro, quite enlightening
- Alberto
no words to say. just want to give u salute and thnx a lot indastro
- swayam
OMG. Seriously this reading is a replica of who i am. People don't see some traits about me, but this reading read me like a book.
- Karen
Very Detailed horoscope . Thanks Indastro
- chitra
SO TRUE!! It's crazy!!!!!!!!
- Sonal
I am surprised at the accuracy of the report👍🏼. thank you Indastro
- Rahoul
Very true predictions
- Vedantam
Indastro is a wonderful site - I cannot praise it enough! All orders are processed in a timely fashion, and the insights the astrologers provide are valuable. I would recommend Indastro to anyone!
- Emily Lamond, Texas

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