2020 & the golden decade of 2020-29

2020 & the golden decade of 2020-29

2020 denotes not just the beginning of the New Year, it also earmarks the start of a NEW decade for you. It has turned all the more noteworthy.

It is after many years that the 2 major planets - both Saturn & Jupiter are transiting their own signs. Every planet has a specific zodiac sign it rules over, referred as OWN sign. It is rendered very strong when it transits its own sign. Year 2020 and the new decade of 2020-29 are greatly significant as they will see Saturn transiting its own sign of Capricorn first for 21/2 years. After which, Saturn would enter the Aquarius, the other sign it rules over. Thus Saturn will remain much strong and capable for 5 years of the NEW decade.

This is making the new decade 2020-29 very eventful and we have devised a special reading of 2020 Horoscope reading along with the Golden Decade 2020-29 insights.

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2020 & Golden Decade 2020-29 Reading:

This report would give a detailed reading & analysis of 2020. Plus an idea about the way life would run for you over the next decade 2020-29. We would cover trends and also map out the next decade concisely for you. Besides, the report would cover suggestions, cautions & opportunities along with astrological remedies for 2020.

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2020 Horoscope & 2020-29 Golden Decade Reading

2020 Predictions for:
  • Career & Professional Life
  • Money & Finance
  • Love & Marriage
  • Health & Family Life
  • Month wise readings for 2020
  • Suggestions
  • Remedies if required
  • 2020-29 Golden Decade Snapshot Reading covering career, love, marriage & financial prospects
  • Complementary reply to your query

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