- By Pt. Punravasu

About Multiple Retrogression of Planets in 2016:
As you near the second half of the year 2016, you are entering into a sensitive period which is associated with and can be logically attributed to a record number of planets going retrograde, a historical turn of events in itself! The 4 key planets namely - Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are moving backward that is retrograding simultaneously. This is a rare occurrence and would have far-reaching effects upon your life, if not handled carefully. Both Mars & Saturn would be retrograding in the mystery sign of Scorpio. Mars retrogrades till June 29 and Saturn will remain in retrogression till August 13. Meanwhile Mercury goes retrograde too on April 28, further adding to the pressure which gets better only when the retrograding Jupiter in Leo turns direct on May 9.

What is the far-reaching effect of multiple planets retrograding simultaneously?
Retrograde planets affect us at the perceptual level, bringing down our ability to think rationally and logically. You would either be trying to over-express yourselves or under-do things now. A state of confusion, pressure and negative emotions which could lead you to make much mistakes now and repent later. Whereas all you need is an alternate approach, a paradigm shift in the way you handle life both at work and in your personal relationships to avoid much damage. Mercury whose cosmic energy enables your intellectual pursuits, could lead to communication breakdown affecting the quality of your interactions now as it retrogrades. Mars’ intense energy while retrograding could go unbridled leading you to take some uncalled for decisions and utterances. Mars & Saturn which have a role to play in career, or rather are known to govern careers can bring about sudden & rapid changes in career now. Hence you can expect some out-of-turn events in your career too during this transit period.
Role of Multiple Retrogression & Remedies Reading:
This multiple retrogression of the planets is the time of exercising extreme caution. I could read into your chart to understand how exactly these trends would move from today till mid 2016. Some of the events that unfold would need to be avoided, while other trends need to be taken head-on to ensure you don't get sucked in the current of negative emotions. I will suggest an appropriate remedy that would help you remain on top of the situation. I would be writing out Multiple Retrogression & Remedies Reading to suggest the best way to avoid false move, wrong decisions now that could put your life on a tangent, unnecessarily pulling you into unwanted situations. The report would give you’re the clarity of purpose as well as remedies and direction for the next few months. You could read more about it and then place your order for a clear road map of what you should do and not do / avoid in the near future.

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