What is Mars-Saturn Scorpio Sojourn?
Understanding this Consequential Phenomenon:

2016 is marked by two very important planetary combinations which will have a defining impact on our lives and world around us. One of such strong impacting combinations started forming with Saturn and Mars coming together in the sign of Scorpio. Mars & Saturn are two very strong planets but they are poles-apart in their effects. And when they get together, history is created or rewritten.

Saturn that has been transiting over the mysterious sign of Scorpio where it last conjuncted with Mars when Mars entered Scorpio in the third week of February 2016. Mars, that usually spends only 6 weeks or about 45 days in one sign, is forced to spend an extended time of close to 7 months in 2016 when it retrogrades in close proximity of Saturn, the planet  which almost always has a conflicting approach, the results are likely to be anything but inconsequential. Please note that where Mars is about action and dynamism, Saturn is about slowdown and obstruction (generally).

As Mars ended its retrograde cycle on June 30, and slowly pushed back in Scorpio on July 12, it is going to conjunct again exactly on 23/24 August with Saturn already there in Scorpio. You may began to feel the pressure already as Mars has started moving towards Saturn.

What happened when this combination last occurred?
The last time such a strong & life changing conjunction took place was 32 years back in 1984, when it almost shook the world with events like IRA Bombings and famine in Ethiopia, the world’s worst Industrial Accident in India in Union Carbide Gas plant in Bhopal. The year also marked the assassination of Woman Prime Minister Mrs. India Gandhi of India. The conjunction also led to key positive events like Ronald Reagan coming to power again leading to an end to Cold War era and the launch of Apple Macintosh by Steve Jobs in 1984. These all were very defining events in their own way and had a profound effect on lives.

Value this report delivers:

While it is a given that we all must experience something major in terms of changes now, the events turn out could be positive or negative depending on how we align to the dictate of these two strong planets. The specific results will depend upon the house that contains Scorpio in your chart. If it’s a good sector affected by the conjunction, the things could go fast paced as Mars is a very pushy planet and gives amazing money making opportunities. Many historic firsts could also be started during the Mars-Saturn journey together in Scorpio. It happened around 32 years ago too and the lives realigned around some key events for those of you who have that time etched in their memories and for the rest, this year could be the defining period. The life could take a turn for a new direction like it happened 32 years back for those who can recall.

Your Mars- Saturn Scorpio Sojourn Reading would cover the expected results and the precautions required as well as great money-making & career opportunities, if applicable to you. Further special advice on how to handle this combination, relevant dates & remedies would also be covered.  You can be rest assured that this period would be anything but dull!

Mars- Saturn Scorpio Sojourn report

Mars- Saturn Scorpio Sojourn report

Mars- Saturn Scorpio Sojourn report with dates

Mars- Saturn Scorpio Sojourn report with dates

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