2014, as informed earlier is the year marked by significant Planetray Movements. March is the month when 3 planets change direction including - Mars, Saturn & Jupiter. Mars, that was forming the '3 Planet Combination' with Saturn & Rahu (Dragon's Head) till March 24th , now moves back into Virgo.

Mars is an aggressive & demainding planet and does not give many chances. This backward movement of Mars from the House of Family to the House of Personal relationships & Health is going to be a trying time for the personal matters in life. This 'push back' of Mars from the Vedic sign of Libra to the Vedic sign of Virgo actually makes Mars quite malafide in nature bringing in challenges in the personal life, fortune & health during the Retrogression lasting till May 19th 2014. The problems could persist till July 2014.

Apart from that, Mars Retrogresson, the period that lasts around 70 to 80 days is the time when things slow down naturally, thus allowing us to introspect the goals in life and review details while remaining focussed on planning, so that as the retrogression is over, the newer work, projects can be started and results achieved. Thus Mars Retrogression, while is expected to bring in a whole lot of stress on Relationships, it can also be leveraged to one's advantage of brooding over matters and thus take corrective actions if need be as you begin post the Retrogression period is over.

It is therefore crucial that one remains unscathed and unharmed by the malafide effects of Mars planet and remain calm & focussed to achieve gains as the trying period is over. While Vedic Astrology does give out the timings and periods when the aggression of the planet would be felt the most and the Astrological Remedies to sail thru such a phase, there are many positive results that could be felt by the native as a result of the combined effect of Mars & other planets in the Horoscope too. Hence understanding these patterns is essential to exercise caution during the retrograde motion of Mars which would go on till May 19th 2014. And also ways on how to leverage this phase & maximize the gains as well. Thus you could expect the Mars Transt effects along with the recommended Astrological Remedies in the Mars Karma & Fortune Trends Reading.

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