Kal Sarp Yoga

If your chart has a specific configuration of planets,  then there are some special meanings attached to it usually. As is seen in the case of Kal Sarp Yoga, in which all the 7 planets from Sun to Saturn are aligned between the Rahu-Ketu Axis, causing Kal Sarp Yoga. Generally it has been ascribed a lot of negatives. Which may or may not be correct. And it needs to be concluded after a proper assessment of the horoscope in 'totality'. Since there are ways in which the negative results are nullified by the positive features of the chart.

Normally it is seen that much fear is associated with Kal Sarp Yoga, which must be avoided at all cost. Rahu and Ketu do have an impact on the functioning of some of the planets in the chart which are in closer conjunction to either of them. No way does it mean that all is ruined. Rahu tends to cause a prominence of a certain behaviour in the native when it is having a major role to play in a horoscope. An obsessive behaviour related to a particular aspect of life is usually accompanied in such cases. The same can be arrested by following a proper scheme of guidance and remedies.

At the same time, when there are other stronger combinations present namely Raj Yogas, Gaj Kesari yoga or Maha purush Yoga in the horoscope, the effect of Kal Sarp Yogs is deemed to be cancelled. Some of the very prominent people have been found to have Kal Sarp Yoga in their horoscope. But it has had no dampening effect as such on their lives, as the effect of other stronger benefic yogas has superceded Kal Sarp Yoga.

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Kal Sarp Antidote Reading would contain the following:

  • What is kal Sarp Yoga and how is it forming in your horoscope
  • General conceptions related with Kal Sarp Yoga
  • Strength of your horoscope
  • Period when Kal Sarp Yoga would effect and phases in life when the effects would wane
  • Remedies for Kal Sarp & for affliction to specific areas of life
  • Suggestions

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