Jupiter Transit in Scorpio 2018-19

Jupiter Transit in Scorpio 2018-19

The divine grace in your horoscope - Jupiter has moved to Scorpio from Libra, where it will transit for over next one year during 2018-19, before exiting into Sagittarius. This is a very peculiar as well as an exceptional transit of Jupiter. Jupiter in Scorpio is going to be atichar – that is the planet will transit with a higher velocity than the usual and will go past Scorpio to enter Sagittarius on March 30th till April 22nd 2019 before it transits back to Scorpio. Indicating that this time around Jupiter is in a mood to surprise us!

Results of accelerated Jupiter
Unlike other times when Jupiter plays the role of a benign elder and helps stabilize & grow the areas of your life which it influences, this time Jupiter being in the accelerated motion will create an illusion of growth, comfort and abundance while the high speed of the transit will give you false data that would make you rely on wrong facts inducing you to take decisions, you wouldn’t have taken in the ordinary course of life.

Jupiter usually takes between 11 & 13 months to cover a sign. In this transit, Jupiter will run its course in about 5 & 1/2 months and enter into Sagittarius only to return back to Scorpio in reverse motion. This would lead to sudden and very tempting trends that would build up between October 2018 & March 2019 in different areas of your life that Jupiter touches as it moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, only to come back & refocus back on the areas which Jupiter in Scorpio is influencing. Thus a change & a reversal of events would seem to happen as Jupiter returns to Scorpio.

Jupiter Transit Reading
The Jupiter Transit reading will help you with precise knowledge on turn of events due to this atichar Jupiter and the actual results in your chart for Jupiter transiting Scorpio for the period covering October 2018 to November 2019. This report would cover the effects, influencing factors, guidance, suggestions & remedies to cover these issues.

You should make the most of this one year period of intense internal transformation & growth in your career, business, health and well being.

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