Benefits of Moving Jupiter Reading

Benefits of Moving Jupiter Reading

The planet responsible for “bliss” in your life - Jupiter has a completely strange narrative now. In your horoscope, Jupiter is “atichar” at present. That is, the planet is moving at an unusually high speed. Due to this, even before it makes its official entry into Sagittarius from Scorpio in November, it will cross over to Sagittarius on March 30, 2019 in your chart, from where you would experience results of Jupiter in Sagittarius in quick succession. In the close memory, Jupiter had an accelerated motion in the zodiac last in the year 2008. You could recall the turn of events in the summer of 2008 when much development & events took place.

Results of atichari / accelerated Jupiter

Unlike other times when Jupiter helps stabilize & grow the areas of your life that it influences, this time Jupiter is in the accelerated motion. It will create an illusion of growth, comfort and abundance while the high speed of the transit will give you false data that would make you rely on wrong facts inducing you to take decisions, you wouldn’t have taken in the ordinary course of life. Moving Jupiter Transit reading would guide you to stay un-tempted from creating new situations, events and making decisions based on false data due to this transitory stay of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

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Moving Jupiter Transit reading will contain:

The precise knowledge on turn of events due to this atichar Jupiter and the actual results in your chart for Jupiter transiting Scorpio & Sagittarius. We have put together a report for this rather strange movement of Jupiter over the next 8 months and then the final movement of Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 2019. The Moving Jupiter report would cover all the above concerns. It will contain the advice on how to handle these ups & downs. We will cover some important dates, remedies and the cascading effect of Jupiter’s movement in your birth chart for the transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius.

You should make the most of this one year period of intense internal transformation & growth in your career, business, health and well being.

Moving Jupiter Transit Reading

Transit effects of Jupiter

Moving Jupiter Transit Reading with dates

Transit effects with dates

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