Love, Life Partner & Compatibility Assessment

Love, Life Partner & Compatibility Assessment

  1. Love, Life Partner & Horoscope Compatibility Analysis
  2. It helps you foresee if the person will be a blessing or a lesson
  3. Go for basic or detailed compatibility analysis.
  4. Partner Comparison reading, if you have more than one person in mind
  5. 'What will my Life Partner be like' - to find physical & psychological attributes of life partner

Life finds a purpose and becomes more beautiful, once you find a Perfect Match. But the process of finding a soulmate or perfect match often leaves us disheartened & hopeless, unable to cherish the boundless love we deserve. Vedic Love Compatibility provides a ‘key’ to be happily bound in a ‘lovelock’. 

The ‘chemistry’ between couple is assessed by a love Horoscope compatibility analysis. It tells you what your life would be like with the person whom you are planning to embrace for eternity. It helps you foresee if the person will be a blessing or a lesson.

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Basic Love Marriage Compatibility

Based on the birth details of the two prospective partners, their matching is scored on an 8 point basis. Also called Guna Milan or Kundli Milan, it is a foolproof system of taking a decision whether the duo can spend their life together without any distress.
The placement of Moon in their birth charts is considered to allot points to 8 different factors which add up to a maximum of 36. These factors include mental and physical compatibility, longevity, financial stability and progeny.

Detailed Love Compatibility / Relationship Analysis

This delivers the strengths & weaknesses of a relationship, information about the long term prospects of a match, areas of compatibility & incompatibility between the two individuals.
The prior knowledge about the quality of relationship that can help you decide about taking your relation forward or not. It covers all aspects of the Love Compatibility between you and a potential love partner.

What will my Life Partner be like?

Astrologically we can tell you how your life partner be like - in physical looks & mental makeup both. What direction he would come from, his family & education background is all configured in your horoscope. more

Love Partner Comparision Report

If you have more than one person in mind, this report checks and compares your compatibility with different potential partners. It predicts which one will prove to be the best love match for you. This report is widely used by people to choose the right person from available proposals for marriage or otherwise. As the name suggest, the different  personality types are defined & compared in terms of the 8 'discreet parameters.

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