2020-21 Horoscope Reading & your Destiny Route

2020-21 Horoscope Reading & your Destiny Route

You would find success in the YEAR 2020-21 as & when you align your energy & focus on the areas of life pointed out by your destiny. This is the Vedic concept for success in 2020-21.

Let's understand it a bit more:
Each New Year brings in a new theme into life. Your course of life changes. It changes for better when you understand the 'drift' & work as per that. 

The reason behind it:
The reason is routed in the karmic diktat of Saturn. Saturn, the biggest karmic planet is making an entry into its own sign of Capricorn on 24th January 2020 and is leading the next round of changes of your life. When you understand & listen to the Saturn diktat and re organize yourself in 2020, you find the support of destiny. For instance, focusing on your career, while Saturn is influencing your profession would give you success in career. And at the same time, Saturn could also be influencing your relationships. Keeping a low key in personal matters would do you good. This way you can act understanding the priority areas of life in 2020. This will form your Destiny Route for 2020. Working as per the destiny route will optimize the destiny in the New Year.

What is Destiny Measure?
Taking into account the important transits of 2020, we would work out your luck quotient or your Destiny Measure. Here we take Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu/ Ketu, Venus & Mars transit effects. With the correct focus and re-organisation, your Destiny Measure could go up!

Find out your Destiny Route to Success in 2020-21
2020 Horoscope reading with Destiny Route is a special reading. While it delivers insights into your life for the next 12 months, it also aims to set out a focus for you to optimize your happiness & success together. We study your horoscope and transiting planets with respect to your natal planets to find out which areas / aspects are getting activated or influenced in the coming year.

An elaborate Vedic technique is used to find your destiny route - your life's priority list of things to do in 2020 to find success & happiness together. Is it career that demands your top most attention, while you are too much focused on your health, which seems to be doing just fine. Such errors are ruled out and a clear priority line can be drawn. 

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2020-21 Horoscope Reading & Destiny Route:

  • 2020-21 detailed horoscope predictions
  • We would also analyze in detail, what the focus of your life in 2020-21 would be. Which areas of your life would get activated and how much backing & success you should expect in those areas in the New Year.
  • And by aligning & re arranging your focus, how much you can optimize your luck factor for 2020-21.  
  • It will contain detailed readings for career, health, love, marriage, money & finances.
  • Also, we will share our suggestions, recommendations & remedies to help you increase the luck factor for 2020-21.
  • You can ask ONE specific question related with life in coming year too.

We look forward to you benefiting from this unique astrology technique.

  • USD 39 / Rs.2340
USD 39 / Rs.2340

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