Destiny & Remedies Reading - By Pt. Punarvasu

Destiny & Remedies Reading - By Pt. Punarvasu

Destiny & Remedies Reading works:
  1. If you are undergoing a series of sudden stressful phases
  2. You are feeling a sudden surge of irrational thinking
  3. You realise an aggression in your personality

I have been updating our members on how Karmic Astrology has a strong bearing on the life events that would unfold in front of us. There are times, when due to the formation of certain planetary combinations & retrograde motions of planets, there is an unwanted pressure that we may feel in our life. There's generally no prelude to such trends and one feels sucked into negative emotions or unknown fear all of a sudden.

Certain signs experience such trends more than the others. Though due to retrograde motion of planets like Mars and Mercury changing sign, the trends are felt definitely but more so by people who feel that there's a sudden surge of irrational thinking and aggression in their personalities.

These trends are strongly felt wherever the retrograde transit of planets occurs. For some, it may bring in unwanted events in relationship / marriage and for others the changes could be more evident in business and profession. The problems could get very intense as the retrogression begins.

Is there a way out? Does Vedic Astrology have an answer and do we need help to create a more peaceful existence by taking certain decisions in love life / workplace to turn the events in our favour? Most certainly yes! Vedic Astrology is a science that can be used in cases like these. It can tell us how exactly such trends would move ahead in future. As some of the events that unfold would need to be avoided, while other trends need to be taken head on, to ensure we don't get sucked in the vortex of negative emotions.

This should be taken as a challenging period that potentially has the capability to transform our life too. Hence, for our esteemed members, we write out exclusive Destiny & Remedies reading. This will potentially give you a roadmap to events unfolding in front of you for the coming months and how you need to be cautious in certain events by avoiding a head on confrontation, while taking a more active view on others.

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How this reading helps?

Vedic Astrology has a wealth of solutions in form of remedies. This reading will suggest an appropriate remedy that could help you cross such a challenging and stressful period successfully & get you on top of the situation, when you feel you have reached the end of the tunnel. Thus if you are also undergoing a series of pressure situations, you may want to ask for your Destiny & Remedies Reading.
  • USD 39 / Rs.2340
USD 39 / Rs.2340

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