The Blue Whale Challenge to Society:
Blue Whale Challenge has come up as the latest technology peril we all, especially the children and the young impressionable minds are facing today. Not that all other issues like child drug abuse and alcoholism; deception on social media etc. had been sorted out. But the youth now seems more inclined to indulge in daring & life threatening acts and win this weird online game, making it the latest technology epidemic to be controlled.

This write up comes up on the back drop of the disturbing news from all quarters, of teenagers committing suicide as a part of winning this psychological game.

There’s help at hand - turn to Vedic astrology:
The vulnerable nature of an individual is written all over his horoscope. It is very much possible to understand if & when your child may suffer from low self-esteem and does daring acts to seek validation among the peer group. It can be found out with confidence if he/ she suffers from lack of focus & interest, is feeling lost and directionless. He may feel the real world to be too restrictive. And may instead try to fit in the virtual world that he finds liberating. These traits makes him naturally more vulnerable to such acts. A horoscope can help decode these personality traits in an individual who may feel depressed and unleashes his latent energy into self-destructive acts on the name of overcoming his fear.

Mental State reading

Forewarned is forearmed & so it might be a good idea to check whether your child or an impressionable child or youth within your environment is susceptible to becoming a prey and whether they have one or more of the deficiencies/ symptoms mentioned above.

A Mental State report for children covering the strength of chart to understand
  • their confidence
  • effect of difficult environment and strength of mind
  • depressive tendency & related review would be carried out
The report would be prepared using rare Vedic Astrology principles. Further the report would suggest quick remedies and periods of caution for children. You could request this to get some quick answers, warning or assurance on what is happening in the mind of the little one who you feel so much for.
  • USD 35 / Rs.1925

Your first Horoscope Analysis for

  • Deciphering your nature & explanation of who you are & how you think
  • Interpretation & analysis of all 9 planets upon you.
  • Crucial clues to your Career, Relationship & Money
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