Story of next 100 days

Why 100 Days?

Celestial Shifts are on the way: The month of May will see multiple transits within a span of 15 days. Sun is going to enter its exaltation sign of Aries in your chart. The much talked about Kal Sarpa combination will come to pause, will be broken as Mercury will move past Ketu - the dragon's tail breaking the dreaded combination of Rahu & Ketu. This has been causing much psychological as well as physical boundaries in life. Covid-19 pandemic is taking toll on lives.

Besides that, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus would start their retrogression. This promises rapid and sudden changes. You can expect developments in the key sectors of personal matters and professional life in the coming time now.

Result of key planetary shifts on your life: Such an array of transit ensures a lot happening which we have not planned for and can’t fathom at this stage. It would be best to take blessings of planets and move in the flow, tapping on the opportunities which lie ahead & taking the challenges being thrown at you.

100 Days Horoscope reading has been devised to provide you with a complete lowdown of your life in the coming time. You would be able to manage your success as well as any hindrances coming your way much better by advance knowledge of what's in store for you. Plus you can also put up one question to us and get your answer along with your 100 day Horoscope reading.

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Your 100 day horoscope reading would cover:
  • Answer to your one specific QUESTION
  • Impact of transits on your life - the Changes expected:
    • Opportunities
    • Challenges
    • Suggestions on things to do and to be avoided to tap opportunities & to face challenges successfully

100 Day Horoscope + Ask 1 Question

How your next 100 days are going to be?
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