Understanding a 4-Planet Combination:
While all 9 planets individually are capable of showing results corresponding to them in our life, but when they cluster together in a sign, it leads to an amplification of their combined energy. The result is anything but subtle! The occurrence of 3-planet, 4-planet and 5-planet combination holds a very high significance. Depending on the house and the sign, the planets get clustered decides the changes coming up in life - which can be both positive and negative.

A rare 4-planet combination is forming in the sign of Leo in our horoscope when the planets including Sun, Rahu, the dragon's head, Mars and Mercury come together in one sign of Leo towards the end of August 2017. This is a rare & very important occurrence for 2 reasons. Firstly, the yoga, that is clustering of planets in a sign due to clubbing together of 4 planets is in itself a very rare phenomenon and to top its energy is another powerful phenomenon of Solar Eclipse that is going to take place on 21st August 2017. This is the first eclipse visible in most of the US subcontinent in decades. The duration between 21st August onwards is therefore going to be significant when abundant energy and a very charged up scenario is going to be witnessed astronomically and astrologically both.     

Importance of Solar Eclipse:
The Solar Eclipse that occurs on 21st August is like a black hole, pulling an infinite amount of energy. While it depresses those areas in the birth chart which it transits. It also is the generator of a tremendous planetary combination for wealth (Dhana Yoga). The very competent astrologers use the timing of an eclipse to start new commercial & financial ventures. Major business ventures had been started during a solar eclipse in past. Stock trading commenced during this period also brings in stupendous results. One of the most interesting examples that comes to mind is the release of the movie "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge " on the day of Solar Eclipse in 1995. Any person with an interest in Bollywood would know that this has been the longest running & highest grossing films (in relative terms) in the history of Indian Cinema. Such is the influence of a Solar Eclipse!

Significance of 4-Planet Combination & Solar Eclipse Report:
The 4 Planet Combination & Solar Eclipse Reading will bring for you the results of 4 planets and effects of the Solar Eclipse on you along with special opportunities & changes it is expected to bring in for you. Remedies for the difficult effects of the solar eclipse would be shared too, so that you can handle the depressive influences on certain parts of your life, which could drag progress for the next 4-6 months.  This report will help you identify the areas of focus & opportunities you could create with this sudden rare planetary push. I will cover the specific effects on you, the opportunities that could come in & the aspects that can be leveraged for gains & growth in the coming 4-6 months.

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