Transit’- as the name suggests is the movement of planets in heaven. All planets move in an orbit around the Sun. The larger planets like Saturn and Jupiter complete the zodiac cycle in 29-30 years and 12 years respectively.

Given such a long zodiac cycle, the phenomenon of occurrence of combination/cluster of planets in a birth chart is considered as a special event in Astrological Science. That’s because the combination of planets when arranged in a peculiar way creates a special energy and magnification of the effects of planets which are not usually seen when planets are covered individually. Such a rare cluster of planets gives results often referred as Yoga. If the yoga is beneficial conferring wealth and power, it is called Dhan Yoga and Raj Yoga.

In the year 2013, such a rare planetary combination which has the power of bringing in major changes on human lives, is falling twice. The last one was a combination in April - May. This was in opposition with Saturn & Rahu (the Dragon's head) while being in conjunction with Ketu (the Dragon's tail), leading to a very stressful and charged up period. The second one, which comes in effect from May 15 to May 31, is a more benefic one involving Jupiter, Venus, the Sun, Mercury & Mars. This cluster of 5 planet combination works as money generating yoga called Dhan Yoga. For a limited period, it can even confer power referred as Raj Yoga.

We prepare the transit result of these 5 planet cluster. The results are described in relation to your rising zodiac sign, Moon sign and all natal planets. The transit result helps you understand the physical and psychological changes you are experiencing or would experience. The effects are analyzed for different aspects of your life - wealth & finance, health & family, love & marriage. This is a special 3 months transit report with suggestions & remedies for ‘5 planet combination’.

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