4 Planet Combination

Combination of Planets in horoscope
A horoscope captures the exact position of planets as it was at the moment of a birth. It is like a freeze-frame of the 9 planets in 12 houses of horoscope when you were born.These positions at the time of birth could either be strong or may just hold an average promise for you. Those very 9 planets continue to transit in the heavens, further casting their effects over the planet positions of your horoscope. This phenomenon can raise the level of luck or change the situation at hand for you. One such occasion is coming up as the 4 key planets are getting together in the sign of Capricorn in your birth chart.

This would be a transitory phenomenon when Saturn, Jupiter, Mars & Moon would cluster up in the sign of Capricorn. There will be a massive energy build-up of planets in your horoscope, which will further be supported by Venus in a trine  and Sun in angle from Capricorn in your chart. This suggests some major changes which need your attention.

What to expect as the 4 Planet Combination operates
Depending on the area of horoscope that gets affected by this rare phenomenon, the results will come about. For instance, there could be the some development in the domain of intellectual pursuits, competence and investments. The relationships with family members and domestic harmony could get highlighted. Such high power events in the horoscope bring sudden new & unimaginable opportunities and gains along with the need for some restraint & caution. While the window of the 4 plant cluster is short, the results would last for a few months which would have bearing on your life for much longer and can be understood by 4 Planet Combination reading.

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Benefits of 4 Planet Combination reading
4 Planet Combination reading is an effort by Indastro team to deliver rare Vedic wisdom to find maximum amount of luck & opportunities which planets offer in their transit period. It would cover the following aspects for you:
  • Cumulative effect of 4 planets in your horoscope
  • Which aspect/ area in life would be high in focus during this phenomenon
  • Opportunities due to this combination in your chart
  • Suggestions to get benefits from this combination
  • Suggestions on what to avoid
  • Vedic Remedies

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USD 39 / Rs.2340

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