Combination of Planets in a horoscope
A horoscope captures the exact position of planets as it was at the moment of a birth. Its like a freeze-frame of the 9 planets in 12 houses of horoscope when you were born.These positions at the time of birth could either be strong or may just hold an average promise for you. Which an astrology expert can analyze & tell you. The very 9 planets continue to transit in the heavens, further cast their effects over the planet positions in your horoscope. This phenomenon can raise the level of luck for you. One such occasion is coming up as the 4 key planets are getting together in the sign of Leo in your birth chart.

This would be a transitory phenomenon when Sun, Mars, Mercury and Rahu, the dragon’s head are clustering up in the royal sign of Leo. To make matters more exciting, an intense & high energy total Solar Eclipse is taking place on 21st August as well. The sector of your horoscope which houses the Leo sign is going to get affected majorly during this cosmic event that holds immense astrological significance.  From 28thAugust, 4 transiting planets are forming a cluster in Leo leading to a massive energy build-up of planets in your horoscope. Within this cluster, the very high energy conjunction of Mars and Rahu is taking place on the 27th August within the same orb. This suggests some major changes which need your attention & caution. This planetary conjunction gets the aspect of transiting Saturn too.

What to expect as 4 Planet Combination & Solar Eclipse operate

Depending on the area of horoscope that gets affected by this rare phenomenon, the results will come about. For instance, there could be the some development in the domain of intellectual pursuits, competence and investments. The relationships with family members and domestic harmony could get highlighted. Since Solar Eclipse of 21st August is taking place close to this conjunction, this combination becomes further powerful capable of giving results more than expected. These high power events in the horoscope bring sudden new & unimaginable opportunities and gains along with the need for some restraint & caution. While the window of the 4 plant cluster is about 10-11 days, the results would last for a few months along with Solar Eclipse which has bearing on your life for much longer and can be understood by 4 Planet Fortune & Solar Eclipse report. This is an effort by Indastro team to deliver rare Vedic wisdom to find maximum amount of luck & opportunities which planets offer in their transit period.

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