2022 – 2023 Horoscope Link Report


2022 holds Success & Plans for 2023!


2023-2022 happens to be one of the most inter-dependent years in the last couple of decades. 2022 has had one of the most complicated planetary placements while 2023 is a simple and clear transits year. But the connections between both the years are deep and a revival will depend upon re-accomplishing the position where you were and picking up the threads from where you dropped them during 2022.

What is the 2022-2023 Connection?

The most important links between 2022 and 2023 are:

  • Saturn’s journey: Saturn entered Aquarius in April 2022, fell back to Capricorn in July 2022 and is now poised to re-enter Aquarius in January 2023, linking the unfinished agendas and carrying all the pent-up energy of the past 6 months. You need to connect the dots between 2022 and 2023 to take advantage of the past efforts that got sidelined. The connection of Saturn is between the influence it had on your profession in 2022 and the influence Saturn would have on your income from profession in 2023, making it very significant for you.

  • The Dasa in operation: The link and timing of Dasa between 2022 and 2023 would help you find the connection between the two years.

  • Mars transit: Mars is traveling through Taurus for the longest duration ever. Compared to a normal 50-day transit, Mars is running in Taurus since August 2022 and shall continue till March 2023, making it a nearly 8-month long transit. The house effected by Mars and its relief movement in March 2023 holds the key to your success in 2023. Mars moves from your house of family and finances to your house of professional progress and growth, making the learning of 2022 very important to find gains in 2023.

Benefits of 2022 – 2023 Horoscope Link Report

  • Get a detailed picture & path for 2023.
  • Detailed trends in Career & Finances, Love & Marriage, Health, Family & Children will be covered.
  • Identify opportunities in 2023 that you may not fathom at the moment.
  • Identify lucky breaks for you during 2023.
  • Timelines of opportunities & options that can be identified on time for success in career, relationships, personal strength, & fame.
  • Vedic remedies for challenging times & karmic cycle breaks.
  • Date wise prediction for the FULL 365 days of 2023 for the long form report.


Helpful Tips:

  • Connect the dots between 2022 & 2023 since progress in 2023 will depend on the point where it got interrupted during 2022.
  • Analyse your horoscope for 2023.
  • Suggestions, remedies & date-wise prediction for career & love for all 365 days of 2023.

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