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Why 2017-18 an important time frame for you?
The year 2017 & 2018 promise to be quite eventful. The life will suddenly take turns and the modifications will be felt in diverse aspects of life for most of us. And these would be deep seated changes. The reason being that the biggest Karmic Planet - Saturn is changing sign in the beginning of 2017 itself. Till now it was transiting in the sign of Scorpio, it would enter Sagittarius, which is not a very favourable position of Saturn. The results we have been observing till now of Saturn in the sign of Scorpio will melt away and you can expect much deep seated changes in the next two years. Moreover, the Guru Planet - Jupiter will also make its way into Libra from Virgo in the month of 2017 and then further to Scorpio in 2018. Jupiter will continue to shower us with its blessings while in Virgo, a better placement of Jupiter.

How is 2017-18 Comprehensive Horoscope valuable?

2017-18 Comprehensive Horoscope, as prepared by Pt. Punarvasu will take into account the effect of such key planetary transits & combinations for you over the next 24 months. The planetary movements like that of Jupiter and Saturn along with retrogression of Venus will cause behavioral & social changes, that you will face now over the coming 24 months. Your 2017-18 Comprehensive Horoscope will help comprehend these changes and handle the opportunities & swings. The report will focus on the long list of celestial movements that we will witness over the next 24 months. This horoscope reading will help you get a clear & comprehensive idea about the upcoming years. The report would, of course include detailed horoscope & predictions, suggestions & favorable time periods to maximize your gains. This report would also cover potential challenges & remedies to handle those challenges. Lastly, favorable dates & specific opportunity-dates would help you optimize growth & happiness potential in diverse areas like career, love, family, money and health.

2017-18 Comprehensive Horoscope will be an exclusive report. It will help you plan ahead & make judicious decisions in the next 24 months! This report is prepared taking into account:
  • Your Birth Chart & interpretations of operating dasas ( based on Vimsottari Dasha system, as per Vedic Astrology)
  • Interpretations of effects of Planetary Transits & combinations over the coming 24 months.
  • Your New Year (birthday) Horoscope applicable over the coming 24 months.
  • Effects of positions of all 9 planets
  • Effects of all 12 Houses (bhavas) to describe your mood, temperament & attitude towards different areas of life.
Your Personalized 2017-18 Comprehensive Horoscope will cover the predictions in the following format -
  • An Overview & detailed reading
  • Effects of individual planets & their combinations over the coming 24 months.
  • Career & Money 
  • Financial Gains & Business
  • Love Life & Romance
  • Marriage
  • Family Life in New Year
  • Health
  • Children
  • Month wise detailed analysis for the next 24 months.

Pt. Punarvasu has been practicing Vedic Astrology consultation via the online medium of www.indastro.com since the year 2001. Having served over 2 million users and generated over 3 million reports and readings, the biggest plus point has been the usage of Vedic Principles to foretell the future in a true and honest manner. All reports are customized & are hand - made. They are not computer generated as is the case with most others. Pundit Punarvasu is known for the precise, accurate & reliable Astrology Predictions & Remedies. 

2018 Comprehensive Horoscope with lucky dates

2018 Comprehensive Horoscope report with lucky dates

USD 55 / Rs.3025


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