Will you gain wealth in 2015?

Will you gain wealth in 2015? World Trends 2015 Predicted for better planning & future.

A very happy New Year to all the readers. 2015 is predicted to be an eventful year in the true sense. A lot was expected from 2014, which turned out to be a dampener for quite a few of us who reeled under the pressures of recessionary conditions prevailing across the entire Europe and Asian markets. India was no exception. It had a telling impact on the employment & job markets. Though around mid 2014, things started looking up with an exalted Jupiter in the Cancer sign. And it will remain so in the Cancer sign till around mid 2015. (Jupiter takes 12 months to complete its one transition and will next move in to the sign of Leo and will be posited there for a good one year)  On Novement2, 2014, Saturn transited to Scorpio bringing in changing patterns for many of us. Which will continue to affect the way we amass wealth this year too. Worldwide, the financial Markets will move mysteriously, misleading many investors in 2015. The markets infact, will be getting into a very vibrant phase during 2015. During 2016 & 2017, we would see the markets flattening eventually. Thus investors should make medium term gains and not take long term positions.

If you are an Aries moon sign; then for you throughout 2015 Saturn which would be in the 8th house aspecting 11th house of gains, higher position, ambitions, 2nd house of wealth and 5th house of emotions and skills. This unique combination of Jupiter & Saturn would give you the power to go ahead and conquer the world along with the practical sense and strategic thinking. So way to go Aries! Count your blessings and keep collating in the wealth! For Taurus, the good time in Career & income will start with Jupiter – the giver, moving into Leo around mid 2015.  It will bring luck into your profession and starting July 2015, there will be many opportunities coming your way. Gemini will have a conservative start to 2015. March to May is the most promising time and you should make the best use of it to get gains much more than your efforts!

Cancer will have one of the best phases of their lives in their profession and in making money in the year 2015. They will enhance their standing in society and respect in their professional network will go up. Leos will have their luck on an all time high as Jupiter makes a transit in Leo sign. They will gain wealth with their intelligence and skill set. Whatever they will do, their luck will support them through it. For Virgos, your bank balance will improve in the second half of 2015, when Jupiter moves to Leo. This will be a satisfying phase of your career and will bring in better results for you. Libra will hit their professional & Career growth this year and will be very well supported by the favourable placement of Jupiter & Saturn. Scorpio should dream big and achieve more in the year 2015. You stand to gain by all means till mid July 2015. Sagittarius, your good time starts in July 2015, when Jupiter enters Leo. You will now do things which will benefit you financially and will support your efforts for gains in income.
Capricorn can expect much changes in their professional lives and 2015 will be a rewarding year for them as their income will be more than their expectation. i need not try anything new for their business or career this year and keep a conservative outlook and approach towards finances and spending. For Pisces, good time begins in the second half after Jupiter transits into Leo, making way for rewarding times.   

Across the world, UK, Europe & China could experience some slowdown after March 2015. And for India, there could be some difficult times in the political environment. But India will be making financial & economic progress in the year 2015 and which augurs well for the businesses and making contribution to the GDP growth and filling up their personal wallets as well.  Thus 2015 truly will be a watershed year for growth in businesses & in the individual statures!  

This article is based on the predictions carefully crafted on Moon Sign Vedic Astrology. If you do not know your Moon Sign, you can click here to know it instantly. This forecast is for the twelve Moon Signs, for individual prediction which will vary by your date & time of birth and placement of planets in your Birth chart, you can Order 2015 Money Horoscope


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