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US Election 2020: An Astrological Analysis

Indastro Congratulates Mr Joe Biden on his victory in US Presidential Election to become the 46th President of United States. When there was a wave flowing in Trump's favor and most people predicted Trump's victory but at the same time Indastro gave a clear cut prediction that Joe Biden will emerge as the winner and become the President of US. We wish Joe Biden for a successful tenure. MAY SUCCESS ALWAYS BE WITH YOU..ALL THE BEST Find out Indastro's prediction for the presidential election 2020 in this article.

Politics as a career is a bliss since it brings about immense name and fame, you become a public figure, you become powerful, however, it also entrusts you lot of responsibilities and duties towards the people and the nation as a whole.

Success in politics professes need for good leadership qualities. excellent communicative skill and a captivating personality to develop followership.

Astrological planetary combinations decide whether you’re likely to pursue a career in politics or not.If Yes, then how successful you will be in politics.

U.S. Presidential Elections Arena

The US Presidential elections has 1214 candidates in fray. However, just two parties dominate US political system, so the president always belongs to one of them.

The Repulicans are the conservative political party in the US and their candidate in 2020 election is Donald Trump, who is hoping to secure another four years in power. He has many Raj yog and Dhan yog in his Horoscope.

The Democratic are the liberal political party in the US and their candidate is Joe Biden, an experienced politician best-known for serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President for eight years.

Horoscope of Donald Trump

Date of Birth: 14th June 1946   
Time 10:45
Place: Jamaica NY USA
(The Birth details have been derived from public sources)

  1. As per Donald Trump’s Birth Chart, his rising sign or ascendant is in Leo. Rahu and Ketu are in 4-10 axis, where Rahu is with Sun and Ketu is with Moon. Also, Mars is posited in his ascendant (First House of self).
  2. In Trump’s Natal Chart, Saturn is the Lord of Fifth and Sixth House and posited in the Twelfth House with the Tenth House Lord (Venus).
  3. Retrograde Jupiter, the lord of 5th and 8th house, is placed in the 2nd house in his Birth Chart. Jupiter and Saturn are placed at 3/11 position.
  4. (Ashtakavarga) Points allotted to Trump’s horoscope:
    10th house -34
    7th house-28
    4th house 30
  5. Jupiter (Dasha lord) transiting in the house has 23 (Ashtakavarga) points. 
  6. In Donald Trump’s Natal Chart, there will be main period of Jupiter, sub period of Saturn,and sub-sub period of Rahu on November 3, 2020.
  7. There is Dasha of 6th and 8th lord. Jupiter will transit in 5th house. Rahu will transit over natal Rahu and natal Sun. Ketu will transit over natal Moon and natal Ketu. Saturn will transit in the 6th house and aspect natal Saturn.
  8. The Lord of Sixth House, which is also the Lord of Seventh House, is posited in the Twelfth House. This definitely isn’t a good position as it is unlikely to yield any valuable results for Donald Trump in the upcoming US Presidential Elections. .

Horoscope of Joe Biden

Date of Birth: 20th November, 1942
Time: 12:00
Place: Scranton (US)
(The Birth details have been derived from public sources)

  1. As per Joe Biden’s Birth Chart, his rising sign or ascendant is in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. Mars is the Lord of Sixth House and posited in the Twelfth House, thereby forming Vipreet Raj Yog in his Natal Chart.
  2. Sun, the lord of tenth house,  is in lagan(1st house) and Venus, the lord of seventh house, conjoins Sun in the First House. Rahu and Ketu are in 4-10 axis, where Rahu is in Tenth House and Ketu is in Fourth House.
  3. Jupiter is a Vargottam Planet in his chart, which is both exalted and retrograde in the Ninth House of Fortune, and forms an auspicious Gaj Kesari Yog in his Birth Chart.
  4. In Joe Biden’s Natal Chart, there will be main period of Jupiter and sub period of Rahu on November 3, 2020. Jupiter, the Lord of Main Period, is moving backwards (retrograde), however, Jupiter is a Vargottam planet and is exalted in his Chart.
  5. Also, Jupiter is favourably placed in the Ninth House of Fortune. All these planetary positioning predict possible victory for Donald Trump in the US Elections 2020.
  6. Ashtakavarga) Points allotted to Biden's horoscope:
    10th house -35
    11th house- 35
    7th house- 26
    4th house -35
  7. Jupiter is transiting in his Second House; Saturn is transiting in the Third House and is also being aspected by natal Jupiter. Lastly, Rahu is transiting in the Seventh House over Natal Saturn.

U.S. Election 2020: Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

Indastro Predicts the Next President!

  • As per Donald Trump’s  chart,. Rahu will transit over natal Rahu and rising sign lord from Sun, which indicates that Trump may not be in his best days of his political career. In Biden’s chart, Rahu is transiting in the seventh house of image.
  • In Donald Trump’s chart, Moon, the Lord of Twelfth House, is posited in the Fourth House of people with Ketu. It is being aspected by transit Rahu. In Biden’s Chart, Saturn- the lord of Fourth House- is well placed in the Seventh House of public image) in Venus sign.
  • 10th house lord in Trump horoscope is at very a low degree and placed in the 12th house whereas, in Biden’s horoscope, Sun,the lord of Tenth House is placed in Lagan/1st house.
  • In Donald Trump’s Natal Chart, there will be main period of Jupiter, sub period of Saturn,and sub-sub period of Rahu on November 3, 2020 whereas, in Joe Biden’s Chart there will be main period of Jupiter and sub period of Rahu on November 3, 2020.
  • In Trump’s chart, Saturn is transiting in the 6th house and aspecting Venus, the Lord of Tenth House , whereas in Biden’s Horoscope Saturn is transiting in the 3rd house and aspecting natal Jupiter. Also, Jupiter is forming a Gaj Kesari yog in Biden’s horoscope.

After analyzing Donald Trump’s and Joe Bden’s Horoscope, we can say there are strong chances that Biden will defeat Trump in a landslide victory.  

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