Transit of Sun for Aries moon sign

Transit of Sun: How will it impact the career of Aries moon sign?

Sun takes around 30 days (i.e. a month), to transit through a moon sign, and it takes around 1 year to travel through the complete zodiac circle. Despite being short, Sun’s transit hold a lot of significance because of the astrological worth attached to it. According to Vedic Astrology, Sun represents the Soul, signifying your outer self and giving your identity the uniqueness that makes you stand apart from the rest.

When in transit, Sun tends to illuminate the aspects of life that it touches along during its travel into various houses in the birth chart of the native. For Aries moon sign, in particular, Sun’s transit makes the native intelligence, sharp-witted and honest, however, if afflicted it can also make them aggressive, egoistic and dominating, to say the least.

Sun’s transit in Libra will make you self-confident

When? From 17th October to 17th November 2019

Money gains will be evident and focus on career will intensify as Sun begins its transit in your 7th house. It will aspect your 1st house, boosting your self-motivation and self-confidence to take charge of your career. You will find yourself at the forefront in your job, no matter which domain you work for. Your business and entrepreneurial sensibilities will also ascend and you will be able to make correct and accurate business decisions to boost your profitability. Business or work partnerships are going to work wonderfully in this period. You might find your approach to work a little disoriented and inappropriate, which may disturb some of your key work initiatives. But you must not lose focus, and work diligently to put things straight.

Sun’s transit in Scorpio will make you unfocussed

When? From 17th November to 17th December 2019

Transiting in your 8th house, Sun tends to give you a lot of challenges in various life areas. It may cause health issues, which can stress your mind and drain your physical energies, making you less focused towards work. An aspect on your 2nd house will make you a little money-minded and impulsive, too, in this period. However, hastiness isn’t going to pay you well, in the long term. Any rash decision related to investments and career will not be beneficial. So, it is advised to put rational thoughts before making any decision, during this transit phase. Unexpected opportunities may turn up – they can both be beneficial and detrimental, it is up to you how you utilize them by applying logic and practical mindset.

Sun’s transit in Sagittarius will make you wise

When? From 17th December 2019 to 17th January 2020

Your wisdom is at its best, during this period. You are sincere, optimistic and arrogant on work related matters. You are blessed with a practical mind and you think through all the pros and cons before making a decision. You will be able to wisely review all career options - that might come to you in this period, for progression and success. You will build a good rapport with your seniors at your current workplace, since you will be considerate and respectful towards them. Long travel for work is also indicated, and it will prove beneficial to you. If you are an entrepreneur, gains from foreign land or through global partnerships are expected in this period.

Sun’s transit in Capricorn will make you intellectual

When? From 17th January to 17th February 2020

Sun’s transit in your 10th house will bestow you with intellectual powers. Sun is the most powerful in this house and thus, it will positively influence your finances, social status and position. Abundant wealth and happiness from children are also projected in this period. Material gains will be immense, with Sun aspecting your 4th house. However, you need to work methodologically and judiciously to reap these benefits. Hard work, practicality and sincerity will only take you ahead on the road to success. You cannot be moody or lazy, in this period, if you seek the best for yourself.

Sun’s transit in Aquarius will make you egoistic

When? From 17th February to 17th March 2020

Overall, things will be positive, in this period, as Sun will be transiting in your 11th house of ‘gains’. You will prosper on the career front and will also make lot of profit. Gains from shares and speculations are also projected. Heightened sense of self-esteem will prevail, in this transit phase, which can even make you a little egoistic. You can be easily demoralized due to adverse conditions and this could make you anxious, which can further hinder your career prospects. Thus, it is suggested to not lose hope in the face of challenges as those will be momentary, and if you can keep your spirit intact, you will be able to sail through them quite effortlessly.

Sun’s transit in Pisces will make you extravagant

When? From 17th March to 17th April 2020

This period is marked with increase in your expenditure, as Sun will be transiting in your 12th house. You may develop differences with your father, in this period, which can impact your career and wealth prospects. If you are looking for abroad settlement, it will not be gained in this period. However, some connection with foreign land will be there for work related matters. Aspect of Sun on your 6th house will give you health problems and these could further hinder your energy levels and your concentration on work. You will be career oriented but increased work load and health concerns will not let you perform to the best of your ability, in this transit phase.

Sun’s transit in Aries will make you gritty

When? From 17th April to 17th May 2020

You will gain self-confidence, strength and power in this period. You will be able to succeed in your career endeavors and may also attain higher ranks in your organization. You will be highly ambitious and determined to take on the challenges at workplace and personal life. Sun will aspect your 7th house from its position in your 1st house, resulting in beneficial partnership opportunities. You will be money-oriented and will earn enough to support a reasonably large family. Financial prospects are highly positive and your increased inclination to save more will further add to your wealth upsurge.

Sun’s transit in Taurus will make you eloquent

When? From 17th May to 17th June 2020

You will have the gift of the gab, as Sun transits in your 2nd house. Your fluent and eloquence speech will help you get good business and work assignments. It will also aid in expanding your business to intensify your profitability. If you are into service, you will be able to get new clients for your organization and may also represent your company at various boardroom dialogue and related forums. You will be at your creative best, in this period. Financial gains will come to you through partnerships, inheritance and inventiveness. Be a little cautious on health related matters.

Sun’s transit in Gemini will make you perceptive

When? From 17th June to 17th July 2020

Any short or long travel undertaken in this period will be beneficial for your career. Foreign connections will be highly profitable. You can even go abroad for work related stuff and it will indeed be a fruitful trip. Your improved sense of decision making and problem solving will earn you respect and appreciation at workplace. You will be sincere and short-tempered, at the same time. You need to maintain your cool and composure to avoid troubles in work life. Mental alertness and diplomacy will help you in getting long term gains, in this period.

Sun’s transit in Cancer will make you pensive

When? From 17th July to 16th August 2020

You will fare well in your educational endeavors as Sun will transit in your 4th house. This period will be good for pursuing education goals and achieving learning objectives. For students, this will be a golden period to achieve success and learn a new skill. Government sector employees will also find professional success in this period. You will share a good relationship with your mother, in this period. Taking her advice in critical life matters, will prove beneficial for you. You may witness increase in expenditure, in these months. A large proportion of expenses in this period will be planned for household or domestic needs. You may encounter some level of mental stress, due to personal turmoil.

Sun’s transit in Leo will make you skillful

When? From 16th August to 16th September 2020

Your creative skills will get a boost and subsequent gains will be visible, as Sun will make a move into your 5th house. It will be a prosperous period for those who are already working in a creative work field or those who are interested in this domain. You innovative approach will get you the much deserved recognition at workplace and in the society, at large. Any job interviews that you might undertake in this period will give you desired outcomes. Possibility of clearing a competitive exam is high, in these months. If you are inclined to make a career in politics, this will be a favorable period to implement your plans. Success is guaranteed on all fronts, but you are required to keep a check on your ego. Some arguments with children are foreseen. Avoid getting into disputes with spouse or partner, in this period.

Sun’s transit in Virgo will make you competitive

When? From 16th September to 17th October 2020

The transit of Sun in your 6th house will help you maintain your daily routine, which will help you create a good work-life balance. Your creativity skills will still be remarkable and you will get good gains by suitably utilizing this skill. Your business and professional acumen will give you recognition and rewards at workplace. You will be able to boost your income prospects, in these months by applying your knowledge and wisdom to augment your career. You will be highly competitive, as the presence of Sun in your 6th house will give you enough courage and strength to win over your rivals. You may encounter some legal hassles, in this period. But you shouldn’t worry more, as the results will turn out in your favor. Your health will also require medical attention, which will increase your expenditure.