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Stock Market and Investment as per Astrology and Prediction for Year 2021

Stock Market is extremely interesting with its ups and downs and the different tactics and plays. It is an intelligent man’s gamble. And with our valuable predictions for suitable dates and trends in the market, you can max out your profit in the share market.

Stock Market and Investment as per Astrology and Prediction for Year 2021

Stocks or Shares have their own glamour in the stock market. It is like a calculated gamble that people are extremely drawn to. The knowledge of pros and cons of Stock Market is present in every subconscious mind but such is the allure of stock market that people can’t keep away. People fear investing in the stock market as the perception of losing money is a valid possibility. The stories of losing large sums of money makes the common man skeptical about investing in the stock market.

Stock market is a risky gambling business or a real time investment. It is inductive of the thought that whatever your perception is, it can earn you a lot of money, provided you have a good strategy.

Over the last few decades, the participation of the average person interested in the share market business has grown threefold and the stock market, which was once a play toy only for the rich community has now turned into the convenient tool of choice for growing wealth.

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Vedic Astrology and Stock Market:

The stock market readings are very unpredictable and this calls for the need of creating a check over personal planetary configurations in the aspirant’s horoscope that can indicate about the favorable and unfavorable period for the investment.

The ascendant of India is Taurus and based on the astrological view, the results of the stock market are always doubtful or very dubious (when we analyze the Indian Stock Market). So Mercury in any horoscope governs the analytical skills as it enhances the power to think logically followed by the stable Jupiter, which makes you capable of taking strong and wisdom prone decisions for the success of wealth in the stock market to gain healthy returns.

Planets and Yogas that Play a Key Role in the Stock Market

Moon –The planet rules the mind indicates it influences the ability of decision making which is an integral part of the working/investing procedure of the stock market.

Jupiter-Jupiter is the significator of wealth in every native’s life, so a strong and stable Jupiter is essential to get success in the world of stock market.

Mercury-Mercury represents your intellectual skills and intelligence for investing your money with a balanced mind and not driven by your emotional psyche.

Rahu-This planet deals with sudden changes in our life and it is the key planet that is responsible for winning in the stock market.

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Yogas in Your Horoscope

  • Career in share or stock market is successful when the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th and 11th houses lords, which are beneficial houses are connected to each other and they all influence stock investment decisions that will yield clear gains in shares when these planets are free or clear from any malefic influence.
  • Moon and Mars conjunction in the horoscope of the native and planets Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu posited in the 11th house of gains, are progressive for good investment.
  • If Moon is posited in the 8th house of sudden gains, then it will give the native money with ease and the loss from the share market will not affect him for long.

Less Progressive Yogas for the Stock Market

  • Any horoscope that consists of a weak Moon and a trine that does not comprise any planet will not be beneficial for investing in the stock market.
  • If 5th, 9th, 11th or 2nd house lord are posited retrograde in any horoscope, then it will give more losses than gains

It can be concluded that the above mentioned planets and yogas are responsible for the favorable gains and unfavorable losses posted in your horoscope for the Stock Market.

Astrology Predictions for Investments in Stock Market 2021:


There will be a basic trend of increase in the share market so investing in shares while improvising the idea of a long trend of gains in the stock market will be beneficial. The 7th day in the month of August is very good for the beneficial growth of the stock market. The rewarding dates to invest in the stock market for good wealth retention are 4,6,8,18,20,25,26 of the August month and non-progressive dates of the August months for investing in the stock market are 8,15,23 and 29th of the month.       


This month gives an indication of good progress and gains in the stock market. The increase in the shares which are revealed astrologically with good returns for investment are-Dairy, Public sector and Diamonds and the investments in this sector are likely to be beneficial. The beneficial date is 2nd September and less progressive dates are 4th and 11th of September.


The month of October will tread on the steps of ambiguity – meaning it indicates the month can have many interpretations in relation to the trends of the stock market which will affect the investment sector. There will be a good increment in the stock market. But there may be a decline in the industry sector after the 17th of October 2021.


November will be the sparkling month for investors as astrologically this month will frame a steep ladder like rise in the market. All the days and dates are profitable and good for investors but the dates to be avoided for investment are 5th,6th,12th, 13th, 18th and 27 th of November.       


The last month of the year will bring in hope of good profit for investors for their investments. This month will be progressive and will reveal an appreciable rise in the stock market. The progressive dates for investment are 16th, 24th,29th,30th of December and less progressive dates will be 9th December 2021.

We, in this article, have given all the general predictions based on the natural horoscope as different horoscopes have different effects. So for your precise personal prediction you are advised to get a personal astrological reading checked before investing.