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Saturn Transit 2018 results for Leo

Saturn Transit
Saturn is transiting your 5th house of love, children, creativity, progeny matters, entertainment, recreation and artistic talents. Saturn would occupy this house throughout 2018. Saturn is now transiting in Sagittarius having Jupiter as its ruling planet that shares a neutral relationship with Saturn. Saturn has moved into Sagittarius on 26th October 2017 and before that, it was placed in Scorpio in your 4th house. This position may have affected your domestic life to a great extent.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign. Not sure if you are Gemini Moon Sign! Find it out instantly.

Constant temper issues among family members were quite frequent. Now that Saturn has moved into Sagittarius, you would observe more cordiality and peace at the home front. However, Saturn may still affect your love matters negatively.

You would feel at ease and relaxed than the last year. Challenges would be there but you would have the right attitude to fight them. You may feel a strong need to prove your metal and get recognition and there would be ample opportunities to do so. Desires would increase and if you wish to fulfill them, remember to put in hard efforts. Do not rely on others. You may also get to start a new business or pick some part time work, which could help stabilize finances this year.

While Saturn is not much promising for love matters, your hunt for a love partner would bring desired prospects. And if you were alone for a long while, you might as well get back into a romantic relationship. Saturn would add some new responsibilities and duties so naturally, you will need more discipline to fulfill them.

Saturn in Sagittarius may affect your children’s overall wellbeing. They may not feel as enthusiastic and energetic as before. Saturn this year is also a bit unfavorable for love affairs. Issues like superiority complex and mutual criticism would increase. You may not enjoy a cordial bond with love partner. Failure, rejections, and delay may be felt in enjoying love and romance. Some issues in creative and artistic expression may be experienced as well. If you are married, 2018 is not the best period for progeny prospects.

Saturn is the lord of 6th house and placed 12th from it. Some expenditure is possible on education or health of children. While this year is favorable to engage in new love affairs, such endeavors may not be much fruitful at the end of the day. You may also spend heftily on your dating rituals which could cause financial strain.

Saturn is also the 7th lord in your chart and is aspecting this house as well. There is a strong need to spice up your married life as Saturn is lowering your romance quotient.

If you are single and looking to get hitched, expect some delay in culminating marriage. Your partner may be a bit older than you in age. Also, married couples would observe a sense of permanence and dependability in their relationship. But despite that, tints of disappointment and some level of limitation may be felt too.  Arguments and disagreements with business partner may also prevail. You need to have patience and find common grounds to build upon ideas. Saturn also commands you to be extra cautious in business transactions involving partnerships or new associations.

Saturn is influencing your house of income and gains negatively. You may observe some delay in payments and overall prosperity may decrease. Efforts to increase income or earning sources may not fructify. This could keep cash flow in a fluctuating state.

You should also be careful in money matters overall and save for the rainy day. It would not be easy this year to accumulate wealth or save what you earn. You may better keep expenses in control so as to maintain a stable financial position.

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