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Saturn Transit 2018 results for Cancer

Saturn Transit
Saturn is transiting your 6th house of debt, diseases, enemies, competition, service and mental stress. Saturn would continue to be parked in this position throughout the year. Here, it is in Sagittarius, owned by Jupiter that is neutral towards Saturn. Before 26th October 2017, Saturn was placed in Scorpio in your 5th house that relates to love, children, creative pursuits, progeny possibilities etc. This position was not favorable for romantic possibilities, children and marital harmony. However, now that Saturn has moved into Sagittarius in your 6th house, you would observe respite in love & romance sectors to some extent. However, married folks may continue to experience some challenges.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign. Not sure if you are Gemini Moon Sign! Find it out instantly.

Your daily routine would become hectic as more responsibilities would come in your share and pressure would build up. Health may also cause constant worry. There is a need to bring change to your long-held habits now. And before jumping into a new project or task, make sure that you have time to complete the work that is already pending. Otherwise, tensions and stress would increase. Placement of Saturn is not good for overall wellbeing so you would need constant motivation and determination to fulfill your goals. Connect with the right people. Saturn may affect your marital relations too so be careful. Positively, you could expect to have some foreign proposals this year. If you were looking to acquire an ancestral property, delay is expected.

Saturn in 6th house may cause some health related troubles to you or your spouse. You may encounter more opposition to your ideas and your enemies would increase this year. During 2018, you should avoid borrowing or lending money. Saturn however may help you resolve a legal dispute and silence your enemies. It would also make you more industrious and hard working. You would work with sincerity as an employee. Have patience because success may be delayed but eventually, you will get the fruit of your labor.

Saturn being the lord of house of marriage is placed in 12th house from Capricorn. This year, you may have to expend a lot on health of spouse. Disputes with spouse could be frequent. Be cautious while dealing with your business partner as well or you might entangle yourself in a legal complication. It would be a good idea to carefully handle documentation and business transactions.
Saturn is also the 8th lord in your chart. Transit Saturn is thus making Vipreet Raj Yoga this year. Initially, you might have to face adverse circumstances but eventually, success would be yours. You would be able to sidestep troubles due to this rare combination. However, make sure to put in sincere efforts towards the right direction and have patience.

Saturn is aspecting your house of expenses which means that you would spend in a controlled manner. This however is not a favorable placement to enjoy bed comforts. If you were planning to go abroad, expect challenges in the process and delay in culmination.
Saturn is also influencing your 3rd house. Your intellect and wisdom may suffer and relationship with sibling may also get spoiled to some extent. Plans for short travels may get postponed and in fact, you should avoid frequent short trips if possible.

Overall, Saturn ensures that you would take your work seriously and meet deadlines. As long as you work on your communication and correspondence and ensure to work hard, things would remain under control.

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