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Mercury Retro Transit 2021: Know the effects on all twelve zodiac signs

Capricorn being an Earthy sign and Mercury transiting in it in a retrograde manner may lead to the disturbed thought process in 2021. However, that does not mean that this transit will only bring negative outcomes. This is the time to reflect, review and correct any lapses or mistakes done before this retro period.

Mercury Retrograde capricorn 2021
Mercury, the messenger of God, will be in apparent retrograde motion in the Capricorn sign from 4th February to 21st February 2021.
The planet Mercury represents communication in its real form without any judgment. It rules reading, writing, listening, speaking, researching, selling, buying, negotiating, and all other forms of communication in both formal and casual manner. Important documents, agreements, contracts, deeds, leases, wills, all forms of data and information, and coding and decoding along with the transport and logistics come under the faculty of Mercury.

Normally Mercury retrogrades three times a year.

In Astronomical terms, Mercury appears to be moving in the reverse direction when observed from earth, due to the relative difference in its speed as compared to that of the Earth and the Sun. Practically, this is a kind of optical illusion. However, it has a powerful effect in terms of Astrology.
Some of the events that indicate the retrograde effects of Mercury are confusion, misunderstanding, conflicts with friends, flight delays, loss of technical data, etc. Sudden unexpected changes can make things go haywire.
When Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn, an imbalance occurs on both the personal and professional front. Rather than going forward with new steps, you must focus on the ‘Re-” or going back. Review contracts, renew commitments, rekindle your love, and reunite with your friends.

Guidelines and the area of focus for different moon signs during retrograde Mercury in Capricorn:

Aries will have the Mercury retro in their tenth house of occupation. Think and pay attention to old tactics in your career. If you get some repetitive role, you must consider that as well. Aries, this is the time to make use of your experiences and skills. Try to resolve any lingering professional or personal misunderstanding at this time. Do not say anything publicly about your profession on any social media platform else you may face criticism.  
Taurus, Mercury will retrograde in your ninth house. You may start looking at life from a different perspective. Try to review your role through ‘truth’ you might have ignored earlier. Students may use this time for revising lessons they have already learned. This is a favorable period for planning your higher education.
If you are inclined to spirituality, you will find the answers within yourself. Opportunities you got earlier from any foreign place should be reconsidered now. Saving schemes should be renewed but do not invest in any new scheme. Those who are traveling abroad should not try to experiment with new cultures and should respect the differences to avoid conflicts.
Mercury is the ruler of your sign and plays an important role in your life. This retro transit of Mercury in your 8th house can cause a lot of problems on both health and wealth fronts. Be very careful regarding your finances and health issues. Read all the documents carefully before putting your signature on them. Unexpected conditional offers may distract your mind so try to postpone the signing of any crucial contract or lease by three weeks.
It is an important time to make better financial decisions. Also, if you feel that there is a low sex drive in you, then do not get stressed because this is just a temporary phase. You will soon gain your vitality back. Do not start any secretive relationship at this time, as they will come to the surface when Mercury becomes direct again. An old flame may get passionate.
Being the lord of your 12th and 3rd house, Mercury will transit in your 7th house, giving you the courage to share the workplace grievances with your dormant partner.
Use this time to rekindle the spark in your stale relationship and keep your communication game strong to sort out misunderstandings. It is also the best time to resolve any work conflict. Refrain from getting into a new partnership or launching any new startup during this retro period. If you have ended things on a sour note, there are chances that your ex may try to approach you again. It is best advised to resolve the issue and get back together. Working with international clients will be both exciting and beneficial.
For Leo natives, the retro Mercury may cause confusion and a communication gap between you and your family members. Being the Lord of your 11th and 2nd house, Mercury will retrograde in your 6th house, making you short-tempered. As a result, you may start acting aggressively. If you are involved in any legal matter, try to reschedule the court date. You may remain troubled and irritated because of your health issues. However, if you take care of your health, you will see an improvement in your health condition.  
Mercury is the Lord your sign and rules the house of profession/career at this time. It is transiting through your 5th house in retro motion, which indicates that there would be sudden changes in professional life. You can use this time to hone your professional skills for your own sake and not for recognition. You should become friends with your children and listen to them carefully and thoughtfully. If your crush said no for the first time, you could plan a second proposal during this retro period. Try to make this proposal personal and unique. Do not invest in any speculative activity. Do not make any impulsive decisions.
Being the ruler of your 9th and 12th house, Mercury will remain posited in your 4th house of general happiness and home throughout this period. Mercury in retrogression will keep you occupied all the time. Renovation of a house is quite possible during this period. However, remember that you need to do profound research before finalizing the expert and take some warranty for all the stuff you buy. Also, do not start any new construction, only renovation is what you can do for the time being.
Try to Declutter things and keep your home clean. Some foreign offers may come to you during this Mercury retro period. If you are planning to go back to your native place, now is the time. If you have been planning to purchase a new vehicle, it is a good time to replace your old vehicle with a new one. Keep an eye on your expenses.
Scorpio, Mercury is transiting in a retrograde motion in your third house of travel, communication, and courage. Being the ruler of your 8th house of spontaneity and 11th house of gains, Mercury may affect your travel and communications unexpectedly. You may have to postpone your trip during this period. Try to keep a backup of your files because there are chances that you may lose your data because of some technical glitch.
Do not initiate any legal form of communication at present. Rather review your old conversations and resend any information you might have missed earlier. If you are a student and you have notes pending for any subject, try to collect notes from others and finish your work. Do not start any new course if possible. Your siblings may call you for some help.
Sagittarius, Mercury is transiting in your second house of wealth and family in a retrograde motion. Mercury is ruling your house of occupation, business, and partnership at this time. This transit period is all about managing your budget. Try finding out ways to invest your money that could help you fulfill your personal and professional goals.
If you have any unpaid bills or taxes, pay them before you are penalized. Study your full financial condition and evaluate the current situation to see if you are overspending or not. Review your saving schemes too, with a balanced approach. Do not make any impulsive decisions. This is the time to deal effectively with misunderstandings and conflicts.
Capricorn, Mercury is transiting in your 1st house in a retrograde motion. Saturn will conjunct Mercury in your self-house making it an important event for the Capricorn moon sign natives. You may plan to launch a new startup during this Mercury retro period. However, there may be a delay in the process, which can cause frustration and anger. However, you are advised to stay calm and patient and take sufficient time to draw a plan before doing it.
This is not the right time to begin anything new. By the end of the Mercury retro period, you will realize that delays are nothing but a blessing in disguise. This time will also help you reflect on your hidden potential and personality.
Aquarius, Mercury is transiting in your 12th house of material loss, spiritual growth, and foreign. Being the ruler of your 5th and 8th house, Mercury will make the Aquarius natives inclined to spirituality. Also, the process of gaining knowledge is more important than the results. During this period of retrograde Mercury, you will get a chance to discover your life’s goals. Always be open to inspiration and do not follow things blindly. Some sudden events may change your thought process completely, and you may no longer become obsessed with material possessions.
During this time, you may be tempted to go away from home for a long trip. Hold your plans at the moment and plan your trips after Mercury becomes direct. If you fall sick during this period and you have to visit the hospital, do not worry. Nothing serious is going to happen. Use this time to develop a deeper spiritual understanding.
Pisces, the transit of Mercury in your 11th house is going to create problems in your life. This transit may give strained relationships. You may not be able to connect with your coworkers or seniors at an intellectual level. It might become the cause of conflict in the workplace. Those who used to stand by your side may start questioning you.
This is the time to work on yourself, become less judgmental about society, and people in general. You will learn the art of acceptance and the true essence of dignity during this retro period.

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