2016 Horoscope Predictions by Pt. Punarvasu

How will be my New Year 2016?

Vedic Astrology is the only science on earth capable to predict the future of mankind with certainty.  And a New Year is particularly significant since it marks a change in life trends on earth as the planetary positions change with the arrival and advent of a NEW YEAR. Let us look at how the year moves for the natives under the 12 Moon Signs. Moon Sign is the zodiac where Moon was present at the time of your birth. You can click here to find out your Moon Sign, if you do not know it already.
Aries: 2016 will be an average year for you. It may not necessarily mean that you will not have good times. Infact your creative abilities will be at their best after January 2016. Be cautious of your health however in the next 12 months and keep a check on your anger and control your tone throughout the year.

Taurus: The celestial events in the sky suggest an average year for the Taurus. You would however have a brighter time ahead after August 2016 when you mental & creative faculties would peak and provide you excellent results.  For those married, caution advised between March and August after which matters would become more cordial at home. This year could be about property related matters and chances of change of residence remain high.

Gemini: 2016 will prove to a very good year for you. You would get the progress you have been looking for all this while now. Your hard work will finally pay off and would bring in better finances in 2016. There are chances of transactions in Real Estate. However, the year would not go without its fair share of challenges. With your communication skills, marketing and PR skills you would be able to surpass these challenges without much trouble.

Cancer: 2016 Horoscope suggests an average year for Cancer natives. In terms of money and finances, the year will start off as average but the finances will improve as the year goes along and there would be a substantial gain in the first half of the year. Exercise caution over your reactions to the situations as you would need to be careful regarding your reputation and image, which could take a hit otherwise. Your mind may not be at peace regarding children related matters. You need to control you anger and take care of your health too.

: 2016 will bring in an average time for you. However, with your perseverance and hard work you are going to make it better as the year progresses. Due to your aggressive behavior you could affect your relations including with spouse and in professional circle. But you will remain determined throughout the year to achieve what you have set out as a goal for the year. This would involve a lot of traveling and time away from home and relations.

Virgo: 2016 is a promising year for the Virgo. The negativity of the past will take the form of much cheerfulness and you would now like to rebuild your lost relationships. This will help you tremendously in your profession as well. You have to be careful on account of your finances however. As there could be an increase in outflow of money. Career related activity would peek up in the second half of the year and would ease some pressure off you at the end of a hectic professional season.

Libra: 2016 Horoscope suggests a happy time ahead in the New Year. The year seems promising for finances and monetary gains. Overall a happy year than 2015. The year would also mean excellent time on the social front which will further help your career too. You will also enjoy with friends now. The family life will be peaceful yet eventful.

Scorpio: 2016 means a very good year for the Scorpio Moon Sign. This year would belong to new opportunities at work and you would be seen making good use of them to further your career. You will put in much hard work which will pay you off well. Your life on the personal front will demand much time investment from you. Which you will find difficult to manage.  Be warned of the health and issues on personal matters during 2016.

Sagittarius: unlike last year, 2016 could be an average year for you. However, your luck will take an upward turn after January when the hard work will help you ease off pressure from finances and would provide you much progress. Despite that, the actual progress may still elude you due to slow luck this year. You would be traveling a lot in 2016 and planning in travel will help you avoid extra pressure on finances.

Capricorn: 2016 will be a promising year for you and your luck would rise with the passage of time and the second half of the year will prove to be better. You will enjoy better finances this year than last year. You should however remain careful about your health throughout the year. You may undergo a change in your thinking as the year progresses and may have religious and spiritual pursuits this year.

Aquarius: 2016 will be an interesting year for you. Your activity level will peak during the year and you are likely experience very active and hectic schedules ahead. This however would bring in much opportunities due to your networking and social skills and help you do better at work. You could experience some hurdles in career after March 2016, so navigate this period with caution and by maintaining a low key. This year, there are chances of a sudden romance. The year seems good for those not married as they may land up marriage proposals which will be hard to refuse.

Pisces: 2016 will be an above average year for you. It will bring in much success at work. You can register excellent growth at work in the second half. As you will find many opportunities which would prove to be of much benefit to you later. You luck would look up in the New Year and chances of marriage and finding love are also present.


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