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Cancer 2018 Love Horoscope

2018 seems to be an year of mixed results for you, Cancer. The initial months might bring some disharmony and tension with the partner. You will behave itchy and aggressive especially in the period from 17th January to 7th March. Despite all disputes, the period would be much better as there will be peace and coordination between the two of you at the end of the day.

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Those who are single and looking for love the year doesn’t seem to be much promising. Still, the periods from January to March and May to November are suitable for indulging in love affairs. You are likely to fall in love with someone who will be decisive and unbiased in his opinion. The person would understand, care and work hard as lethargic people are not meant for you.
You may have some issues in terms of intimacy and bed pleasures in the period from March till May. Try and make some  efforts in the direction to satisfy your partner. This will help  keep your love alive. On a positive note, the month of June and period from September & October are much better in terms of  sensual love relations.

Your desires are likely to fulfil in the period from  April & May 2018. This year will celebrate your loyalty and love for partner. You will focus on love life throughout the year. Luxurious dining, drinks & parties, with lots of entertainment is indicated in the period from 5 July until 1 August.
Period from May to November is wonderful in terms of love relations. This is because Mars is positively influencing the house of love at this time. This is the appropriate time to experience sexual pleasures and bed comforts. You will feel intense and passionate as the lord of 5th house is exalted in the 10th house.

As per 2018 Cancer love horoscope, there is a possibility of a breakup as well. Minor conflicts and disputes may become the reason behind separation. Be careful and try to control your anger in front of the partner. In fact, the health of partner may suffer which could add to your disappointment and stress. Pay attention to the health and emotions of partner as Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are consistently making disturbances on the love front.

The year may not conclude on a good note. You may have unpleasant relations with partner but if you put efforts in your relationships things will fall in place. Take care of their health and feelings. Spend quality time and make them feel valued.

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