2017 Horoscope Predictions by Pt. Punarvasu

Every year has its fair share of challenges and opportunities and likewise, 2017 follows such trends too. So what does the year have in store for you? Yearly predictions and trends by Indastro.com below can be quite helpful in knowing how life will turn out in 2017 in terms of love, career, family, finance, and so on. Based on Vedic principles, these predictions serve as a protocol to plan ahead and make the right choices. 2017 will witness some major celestial events as Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are transiting signs in the New Year. Since all these key planets are mighty and stay in a sign for long time, their transit is likely to affect ways beyond measure. Let us see a snapshot of how the year will turn out for each Moon sign. (Click here if you don’t know your Moon sign).


Right from the beginning of 2017, you would observe improvement in all areas as luck will start to favor you. You are likely to travel a lot for business throughout. Possibilities of travel exist particularly in March and April but with rise in expenses. Wedding prospects are high post September 2017. Chances of relocation exist and domestic issues could agitate you throughout thus be careful. Overall, this would be an average year.


Career would rise, but with considerable efforts. New opportunities at work would help you step up the corporate ladder. Second half of 2017 is particularly good for career, with chances of financial growth as well. It is a favorable year in terms of happiness related to children. Creativity would be abundant, thus high time to pursue arts and innovation. New opportunities in love would keep you spirited. Overall, 2017 is an opportune year for Taurus Moon Sign natives.


2017 seems to be wonderful in terms of career prospects, but you need to be a little cautious between March to May. Stay away from ego issues or competition or you will land in trouble. Chances of relocation exist and also the possibility of child birth or conception, if applicable to you. Children will be happy but there could be challenges towards the end of 2017 in the family. Keep calm and life will sail through smoothly in 2017.


2017 demands a lot of hard work from your end as life could be challenging in terms of career as well as family matters. Improvement would come about in the second half of 2017. Fortune will favor but not consistently. Chances of relocation are high throughout along with purchase of a car or house, specifically in the first half. Overseas travel opportunities may strike. Career would observe improvement due to own efforts as well as new prospects. Keep your composure though, as stubbornness would only lead to trouble with people.


2017 is the year of highs and lows for Leo. Your financial graph would observe upward trends but expenses would be equally high. Do not overspend thus. So while financially you are likely to do well this year, things on the family front could be a little taxing. Children may upset you, discomfort in family life could be high, and relationship with relatives could sour. Anger would only fan the flames. Poor communication at workplace could put you in trouble too. Ego issues would particularly be hazardous in the first half of the year. This is the time to keep your calm and the year will end fine.


Life may not be as accelerating as you expect in the beginning but eventually, things will pick up pace. First half may see challenges but improvement would make its way soon. Marriage matters could be particularly worrying in the first half. Have patience though as things would be back on track soon. After September 2017, rise in finances is expected. Overall, this year requires you to overcome challenges with your hard work.


Past efforts will pay you in kind this year. Avenues of opportunities you have been waiting for would finally knock the door, so prepare yourself ahead of time. You may also expand your business or get promoted in 2017. First half would be little troublesome due to relationship problems but as the year progresses, life would be back on track. Second half of the year would see considerable progress in financial terms.  After September 2017, opportunities from overseas sources would keep you busy and motivated. 


2017 is the year of unexpected changes and surprises in life. But the good fortune not follow you blindly, you would have to make efforts. You are likely to work hard and more which could disturb the balance between personal and professional life. Family life may be upsetting too. But luck favors you this year, thus no need to worry. You would do well financially and opportunities would keep coming up. This is the time to work hard but do not over work also. Those waiting to jazz up their love life would meet someone special unexpectedly in the first half of 2017.


2017 is a busy and activity-oriented year for Sagittarius. Health and personal problems might keep you perturbed but life would treat you easy gradually if you keep working hard towards your goals. Work pressure would be high but efforts would be rewarding. Chances of expansion exist as well. Luck will favor you more after September 2017 in terms of monetary growth. Gains would come from real estate sector. Personal health though needs caution after September 2017. Overall, 2017 would be an average year.


2017 is a very positive and happy year for Capricorn. Luck will favor you so expect a lot of gains. However, you need to make efforts as well and not simply rely on fortune. Happiness would be abundant in the first half of the year with lots of travel and love opportunities. Career will be stable too. Substantial growth in terms of finance and work could be observed in the first half. An unexpected love relationship or marriage prospect is likely to occur towards the end of the year.


2017 would be an active and busy year for Aquarius. Work would keep you under pressure but your efforts would be rewarding too. First half would observe substantial gains from foreign sources or real estate. Luck would be on your side in the second half of 2017 with frequent money-spinning prospects. Post September, you would observe ample gains. Overall, the year seems to be kind to you but don’t let over-confidence take control of your actions.


For Pisces, 2017 seems to be an eventful year. Work front would be busy and active. Fortune will bring in substantial opportunities from overseas sources. Use these prospects wisely. In terms of love life, 2017 would be a rewarding year for marriage prospects as well as new love relationships, likely to spring up in the first half. Second half would be a little low, with problems on the health front. New avenues of opportunities would be present but only until the month of September. Children related and other matters might keep you bothered as the end of the year approaches. First half seems to be more opportune, thus use this time wisely.

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