Aries Power Color

 Colors play a tremendous role in the day to day lives of humans. It is not just elements that appeal our eyes but also has important significance in every aspect of human life. It is noted in the history of mankind that many diseases have been cured through the color therapy also known as Chromopathy.

When we talk about astrology, especially Vedic astrology, all the readings and predictions made for the 12 zodiacs are based on the planetary movements and their good and bad effects on each sign. Similarly, color also plays a huge role in the increasing or decreasing the aura of an individual and make and makes them powerful.

Since the component of the Vedic astrology sign is fire, the appropriate or power color for Aries is all shades of red, especially red and scarlet. These hues will go about as an extractor of pessimism and will act as a magnet that attracts positive energy in your life. Wearing or using things in your power shading attracts health, prosperity, success and wealth into your lives.

Red is the core color for Aries that is vibrant and requires action. Mostly the color red is associated with negative qualities such as aggression, impatience, but very few people know or understand that the color red also symbolizes vitality and optimism in the native. As scarlet or red is a dominant shade, initiating or leading things is a habit for Aries. Similar to their personality, red symbolizes boldness and strength and when it is associated with attitude is also names as daring, courageous, passionate, aggressive, active, impulsive, optimistic and energetic.

Being the first Sign of the zodiac, Aries is a pioneer and an inventor in nature who is upbeat and ready to take up new challenges every single second of their life. Being a fire sign with Mars as the lord of the Moon sign, Aries live in the moment and moves quickly. They’re born leaders and definitely difficult to be ignored. They themselves are powerhouses who can find and carve their own paths to find and explore new places in order to satiate their adventure dose.

For Aries, all the shades and tints of red will always bring peace and harmony to their life. However, if Aries is already feeling low both mentally and physically, they are strictly advised to stay away from red and should rather choose shades of white, pink or yellow as more relaxing and soothing when feeling low.

Since the ruling planet of Aries is Mars and is further indicated by Ram with horns, it symbolizes strong will, courage, and exuberance. Mars is a manly planet and display characters such as vitality, competitive soul, power and productivity of a person. Consequently, Aries is known as a fiery sign embodying a challenging and adventurous soul. Arians are solid and energetic like fire and may talk strongly or have high confidence or self-esteem. This zodiac's style is athletic and natural, with splendid gracefulness. As the Lord of the zodiac sign is Mars, Arians will, in general, be increasingly fiery, pompous, impulsive, anxious, aggressive and overly demanding.

Apart from the power color red other friendly colors for Aries can be Pink (as Sun is a good friend of Mars and is represented by the color), white (as Moon is represented by the color and is always in support of the Mars) and Yellow (as Jupiter always in favor of Mars and is represented by the color) that will make life of an Aries positive and thriving.

Though we can say that there are certain colors and its shades that should remain miles away from Aries for their own good! These are Black (since Rahu is represented by the color), Blue (Saturn is represented by this color) and Green (Mercury is represented by this color shade)

The effect of Red color on Aries is such that they will feel the urge to do something athletic or physical in order to consume their high energy. It provides them the ability to stay alert for achieving something new and spontaneous and to always stay up in their game.

Being a fire sign, they are fearless and courageous as a warrior of real lives infused with an extreme level of passion and a sense of independence clubbed with strength. They are known to be super witty and have a great sense of humor. The physical and mental strength of an Aries is highly commendable that makes them come out of a bad situation in flying colors.

Your power color will bring a breath of freshness in your life and you will feel the difference in the level of your energy. Therefore, get to know your power color as per your zodiac sign! In order to know your moon sign do feel free to sign up with us to get a free horoscope reading done especially for you.

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