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Aries see life as a series of challenges, which they are ready to face with sheer enthusiasm, bravery, and spontaneity. Their life is centered on ‘here and now’, they neither worry about the future, as they are not too far-sighted, nor do they ruminate about what is past, as life is too short to hold grudges. They have the art of now, for them, ‘tomorrow never comes’. Their lack of foresight and restlessness leads to aggression at times, but it goes away in a heartbeat. These traits remain with them throughout their life.

Aries as a Child

According to Aries horoscope, Aries children are natural leaders; you will often find them the first one in the queue. Full of energy and recklessness, these kids require some discipline, otherwise they are difficult to handle. Aries can be aggressive at times, so parents of Aries may have a tough time mitigating their anger and making them realize their mistakes. Sometimes their tantrums will irritate parents to a point where it becomes unbearable. Nevertheless, they are very active kids, the ones that are often found in a playground than in the library. In school, they will have a hard time sitting in the classroom and studying one subject for long, as they get bored with routine.

Aries girls are usually tomboyish; Angelina Jolie is one example, as she performs stunts by herself and is quite comfortable with martial arts and weapons. In school as well as family life, Aries kids naturally want to be the center of attention. These are the kids who despise the arrival of a sibling. Teasing and troubling their siblings comes as natural to Aries kids. Aries could become repulsive and rebellious, if the parents are too strict. Parents should find a way to channelize their energy in the right direction and find outlets such as sports, outdoor activities, and athletics.

Aries as Parents

Aries mothers are possessive and protective while fathers are authoritative. Due to their aggression and recklessness, they are quick to punish but at the same time, quick to forgive as well. They act as great guides to their kids. Since Aries are trapped in a series of urgencies throughout their life, they do not really get time to stop, think, and realize their inner self.  Quite often, they try to impose their unfulfilled wishes on to their kids. Aries parents encourage their kids to be the number one and lead wherever possible. They can sometimes be dominating. They do however allow freedom to their kids.

Love and Marital Life of Aries

Aries are prone to lots of crushes and short-lived relationships/encounters. They can hardly differentiate between needs and wants. Something their ‘want’ quickly becomes their supreme ‘need/priority’. Instant gratification rules this sign. Nevertheless, they tend to be great lovers in long-lasting relationships but want to take charge. They trust their partner very easily, yet become a victim of jealousy.

Aries tend to be spontaneous, even in their relationships - quick to convert from an oven to a refrigerator. They do not hold any grudges and quickly forget what is past. Sometimes they find it hard to explain what they feel and why they feel that way. However, their emotional fulfillment reaches to the fullest when they can express themselves physically.

Aries generally flourish in a relationship where they are allowed to exercise freedom. As a partner, you are adventurous, fun to be with, and know how to create an exciting atmosphere. If you are able to control your temperament, your family life remains calm and stable.

Aries take things personally, especially if they are opposed to, distracted, crossed, or belittled. In such cases, they explode like volcano, although quickly cool down and forget what happened. Their aggression is limited to initial defense only and they do not take such memories to the grave. It is important for them to seek a better outlet of their emotions and use their spontaneity in a constructive manner. 

Aries Love Compatibility

Aries and Aries make a great couple, but only if they do not try to win over each other. Aries and Taurus is not a recommended match, as both have qualities poles apart, the former is spontaneous, impulsive and aggressive while the other seeks constancy in life and acts with forethought. Aries and Gemini share average compatibility. Aries should not try to control their partner, as nothing is more intimidating to Gemini than the loss of free will.

When it comes to marriage with Cancer, it is unusual yet possible. Cancer being dramatic lovers may sense lack of emotional depth and seriousness in their partner. However, if efforts are made to understand each other’s temperament, this could be a good match. The relationship between Leo and Aries is often strong, filled with passion, romance and liveliness, as both are Fire signs. However, there is a fair chance of power struggle.

Aries and Virgo together share mutual respect and love; nonetheless, there may occur occasional differences, as Aries is emotional and impulsive while Virgo is practical and calculating. Astrologically they are poles apart.

Hotheaded Aries often secretly admire calm and unwavering personality of Libra. Their relationship is balanced and stable. Both will learn a great deal from each other.
Aries and Scorpio may not be a typical pair but Scorpio’s mystery often acts as a magnet for Aries but too much of it causes irritation to Aries. Power struggles may arise but both will make up for the arguments in the carnal domain. 

Aries and Sagittarius is a good match, as both are fire sign, energetic and like freedom. If blunt remarks are kept in check, this relationship could be very harmonious and packed with love.
As for Capricorn, despite the differences, their match is likely to be beneficial for both.
Aries would never get bored of an Aquarius partner. However, Aries may get jealous and irritated by their aloofness, thus an average relationship.

Aries and Pieces are at opposite poles, have not much in common, yet their union turns out somewhat rewarding, especially if they are deeply in love.

For a more detailed analysis of your compatibility with your potential or present partner, you could request a love compatibility report to uncover whether you will share a long-lasting relationship packed with love and admiration.

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