7 Reasons Why Aries Make Great Friends

If you have been wondering for a long time whether you will be able to get a good friend in life if you have been hurt in friendship quite a many time; the only solution for you is to find an Aries friend! Having an Aries as a friend is a blessing in disguise. It is quintessential for you to choose the right company that will not just help you rise personally but also acts as a pillar of great support for you when needed the most. Vedic astrology can be a big help for you when it comes to knowing who can be a good friend as per their moon sign.

An Aries is persistently going to have a ton to offer. What's more, you ought to view yourself as fortunate to have an Aries as a companion. They are extremely outgoing, independent and honest, entertaining, enthusiastic, genuine, and doubtlessly ambition-driven. Almost certainly, you are never truly going to be exhausted with an Aries. However, that is just beginning to expose what's underneath. Read further in this article if you want to get a decent idea as to how an Aries makes a great friend.

1. Strong and Independent Soul

Be assured that you will never receive a call from an Aries at midnight requesting you to give them life or asking you to crash at your place later. They are an extremely affordable friend and do not need a lot of investment to maintain the friendship as they are an extremely independent and strong personality. They are well-equipped for managing themselves well and are used to fending for themselves and that is the way they like to

This also signifies that do not need rather do not want any aid from others neither will they ask for it from their friends or family or even their lover. This is where you as a friend need to be intuitive and come to their help which again will not be an easy job as you may have to face multiple rejections before they accept your help.

2. Forever Loyal Friend

Aries are sternly loyal. They do not believe in tearing down their friends or divulging their secrets to others. They will stay fiercely loyal to you even after knowing that you’re wrong. It is highly suggested that you never double cross your Aries friend; if be so; you should be prepared for a raging war soon to break out; as this is where the ram will take charge and also use its horns.

Many a time, loyalty becomes the major issue for Aries and lands them into neck-deep troubles as well. Yet, they believe in sticking by their friendship, relationship for longer periods than the regular populace.

3. Always Down For Something New

Confused about how to make your boring weekend happening? Just call over your Aries friend and he/she will breathe life in your dead plans! Aries are known adventurous and are always up for new challenges all the time. They are an inseparable combination of Nachos and Salsa as one cannot be enjoyed without the other.

Even a slow and boring family brunch can turn into a full blast party with an Aries around. So when hanging around an Aries, make sure you have your quota of energy high in order even try to match up to their high adrenaline rush.

The thirst for adventure in Aries is unquenchable and hence is also detrimental for their health. The need for more drives Aries to reach new heights in life and ahead. One of the reasons behind it is that Aries is ruled by Mars which is a moving planet and hence will keep them on a move forever. As a result, with your Aries friend traveling will always be at the top of the chart.

4. Naturally Positive Souls

 Aries radiate positivity which makes sliding through any social gathering or communicating with stranger effortlessly is a cake walk for them. They hardly get stuck in an awkward moment ever in their life which is a cookie point for you if you’re accompanying them during such events.

At times these positive rams also need support, especially when things do not work out as per their plan. They tend to slip into depression or are extremely disappointed and start blaming themselves for not being well planned beforehand.

5. Extremely Supportive

As being the ambitious rams themselves, means that they will forever remain a good friend to you and will persistently push you to achieve your dreams and ambition till the time you achieve it. One thing also to remember about Aries is that they always make it a point to surround themselves who are ambitious and want to achieve big in life are able to find success sooner or later in their lives.

Aries always strive for more and this is a contagious enthusiasm with which they infect their friends as well. Their upbeat personality will transport you to a new world of excitement and fun; hence this fire sign will always keep your life fired (all in the good sense for sure!).

6. Trustworthy As Your Own Shadow

Aries as a friend is a ‘Go to Person’. Even if they know the deepest, darkest secrets including the pass-codes for your social media and dating apps; be rest assured that they will take your secrets to their grave. They will remain your partner in crime (figuratively speaking).

The only thing to keep in mind is that trust holds a huge significance in his/her life; which if broken will make the hell let loose and they will never turn and look back at you. Never try hiding facts from an Aries because they’re good at sniffing out lies. Aries are naturally gifted the quality of being a trustworthy person especially a friend. They are also equally trusting that tends to land them up getting hurt quite often.

7. Extremely Straight Forward with a Good Sense of Humor

We all have a habit of ignoring the obvious voice of truth at one or the other point of life; be it about our weight, career choices or personal choices. Having an Aries friend closes that escape door for you as they will be that voice personified standing right in front of you. No matter how bitter the truth may be, if it is for your own good, they won’t hesitate in bringing you face to face with it and accept even if it will be a difficult task for you.

Apart from being good at speaking the truth, they are natural born funny bones. They will make sure that your face is never devoid of smiles and laughter with their immaculate sense of humor. They will be the first one to crack funny jokes in a quiet room just in order to lighten the atmosphere and bring things back on the fun track. They’re a vicious combination of adventure and humor to be around which is not just highly contagious but also addictive and you may start missing them immensely if they do not make it on one of your hangout sessions.

According to Thomas Aquina; “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” Having a best friend in life is like having a bottle of water in a dry and parched desert. These are the individuals that will stand by you through your thick and thin, good times and bad and will stick around even in the middle phases at all given times. Everyone needs one such firm foothold in the form of a best friend in life and Aries happens to be the best of the lot. With the whole gamut of amazing qualities such as loyalty, hardworking, your guiding angel, your secret keeper, intelligent and honest souls bestowed with a good sense of humor with adventure running in their veins as blood; your life will not be better than this with them on your life. You couldn’t have asked for more in the name of friendship. Having a close connection with an Aries needs courage and luck in high amount and it is not easy achieving it.

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