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Venus, Saturn & Rahu Combination For Maha Yoga ( Raj Yoga )

Transit means passage of a heavenly body or a planet through the zodiac and Yoga signifies 'Union'. When more than one planet come together as a result of the planetary transit in a sign, it gives strength to the individual effects of planets and the result is an opportune timing called 'Maha Yoga'. This assumes significance in both the cases - when the malefic effects are enhanced leading to misfortunes and also when the power & wealth accrues to an individual due to the benefic effects of combination of planets.

The time period starting from 6th September 2013 has a great significance attached to it. Since Venus - the planet of prosperity, opulence & worldly pleasures is going to join & strengthen the Saturn & Rahu (Dragon's head) combination (refer Saturn Transit & Maha Yoga 2013). And this would be in addition to the effects of Saturn that Rahu (Dragon's head) is able to soak into this planetary combination called Maha Yoga. As this unique combination of these three planets is going to bring in untold riches, power & monetary gains.

While Saturn & Rahu coming together are capable of conferring a Raj Yoga or the exclusive power position on their own, the presence of Venus enhances this combination even further. Akbar the Great horoscope is a fine example of the royalty resulting from the Venus - Saturn conjunction in Libra sign. Akbar possessed colossal wealth signifying the effects of Venus in his Birth Chart. Which is a rare combination occurring only once in hundred years! And period staring from 6th September till 2nd October is when these three planets will accrue their special Maha Yoga effects on this Earth. Therefore, this will be the best time period to kick start any new work, as a major project started during this period is going to bring in success & untold riches.

Like any other transit, this combination is not going to bear results beyond the time period as mentioned above. Hence this exclusive report prepared under the aegis of Pt. Punarvasu is going to detail out the effects of Maha Yoga - Raj Yoga (Rajeshvar, king like) effects bestowed by the benefic Venus along with Saturn & Rahu. It will also cover the out important dates and not to be missed events along with remedies, if required to reap the optimum benefits of this special celestial event!