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2014 Love & Marriage Horoscope - By Pt. Punarvasu

We all pin our hopes on New Year. Expecting that New Year will bring in a change in fortune for us & stars will smile upon us bringing in the much awaited love & romance in our lives! That?s not entirely without basis though. It is a universal truth that the heavenly bodies are under a constant motion. The position of the planets changes as we enter from one time period to another. These movements as well as the movement of zodiac bring in the much expected changes in the life patterns of the human beings on earth. This brings in the much awaited patterns in the Love Life, Relationships and Marriages.

The timing of entering into a new relationship, of finding someone special & getting into a commitment are all pre destined. Vedic Astrology however is the only Science which can help predict the occurrence of these events in our lives. The likelihood of these events is enhanced as the movement of planets causes some new combinations as we enter a New Year. Year 2014 is in particularly important for Love & Relationships. As, unlike last so many years, this year will see some rare planet combinations & movements of planets from one sign to another in the zodiac.

Some of the notable transits (movements) of planets, which will have a bearing on how the inclination towards love & romance will be, include - Transit of Jupiter to Cancer. Jupiter, which has been in Gemini in the year 2013, will move into Cancer, its sign of exaltation. A planet in its sign of exaltation is the most powerful and hence this transit alone is one of the most significant transits of the year 2014. Jupiter signifies marriage and spouse for a woman. Hence the transit of Jupiter in 2014 will play a key role in marriages, their timings & delayed marriages in the New Year. With respect to Love & Relationships, Venus is the most important planet. In January 2014, Venus goes retrograde (backward movement of planet). The Retrogression effect of Venus will be seen till March. Hence January, February & March ? that is the first quarter of 2014 will cast impact on your Love life & Relationship.

In order that we leverage the opportune timings in the New Yea to make our first move; make a commitment in a relationship or enter matrimony, the New Year Love Horoscope will guide you through all the year in the matters of Love & relationship. Pt. Punarvasu has been writing out New Year Love Horoscope since the last 2 decades for Indastro.com users. This reading is based on your individual date & time of birth and covers the events & their likely timings in Love & marriage aspects of your life.

Following will be the key features of Love 2014 Report for you -

  • Love, marriage & relationships in 2014 - An Overview.
  • Month on month analysis & interpretation of your Love Life.
  • Effect & interpretation of Transit of Venus in 2014.
  • Effect & interpretation of Transit of Jupiter in 2014.
  • Effect of 5th house (ruling Love & Emotions).
  • Effect of 7th house ( governing relationships & marriages).
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Pundit Punarvasu has been practicing Vedic Astrology consultation via the online medium of www.indastro.com since the year 2001. Having served over 2 million users and generated over 3 million reports and readings, the biggest plus point has been the usage of Vedic Principles to foretell the future in a true and honest manner. All reports are customized & are hand - made. They are not computer generated as is the case with most others. Pundit Punarvasu is known for the precise, accurate & reliable Astrology Predictions & Remedies.

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