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Daily Taurus Horoscope
by (Pt. Punarvasu)

( Vrishabha )
Till : night You may experience certain hurdles and minor irritants which may delay your work. Most of your productive work might get postponed to some other day. Do not hold or undertake important meetings/ journeys so better reschedule your commitments for some other day.
Thereafter till tomorrow: By and large, it's an ordinary day with low activity. The excitement or action will be missing from your life today. Mentally, you would feel slightly burdened on account of pending work for future. You would feel highly uncomfortable looking at the pile of pending files. Some news from a foreign source could make you thoughtful.
1. Speculation in stocks & shares Very positive. There could be long term gains & positive result on actions commenced today. (Subject to strength in birth chart).
2. Important letters or email communication Very positive for sending proposals, questions and other communication requiring approval.
3. Journey Good throughout the day.
4. Purchase of new house/ car Favorable day for both kind of purchase.
5. Moving into new house Very favourable day upto throughout.
6. Gambling Very positive and gainful. You could go ahead (subject to strength in birth chart).
7. Start new medicine /surgery Very favourable for both activities throughout the day.
8. Initiating legal proceedings/notices Favourable for initiating all kinds of litigations throughout the day.
9. Offensive action involving violence or aggression. Ineffective day mostly.
10. Construction/ Building activity Good for all activities connected with construction.
11. Educational activity /admissions Very favourable for all such activities especially higher education.
12. Commence religious ceremonies Very favourable for all kinds of ceremonies Creative and literary reading will be more beneficial.
Tithi shukla chaturthi up to 11:10
Nakshatra p.ashada up to 9:14
Yoga ganda up to 20:11
Todays Rahukal 12:07 to 13:25
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